Some of the most dangerous drivers are distracted truckers. If a truck driver strikes a much smaller passenger vehicle, the occupants are likely to suffer catastrophic, if not deadly, injuries as a result.

If you or a loved one were hurt due to a truck driver who was not paying attention to his or her surroundings, you should seek legal guidance from a seasoned lawyer at the Warren Firm. Our team is experienced in handling distracted driving truck accidents in Staunton and could help you seek the financial compensation you deserve. Around Staunton, Interstate 81 and Interstate 64 are the main places these accidents occur.

What Causes Truck Drivers to Become Distracted?

There are typically three types of distracted driving that truck drivers may engage in while operating in Staunton. All types put other motorists at a substantial risk of harm.

Visual Distractions

Visual distraction takes the truck driver’s eyes off the road. For instance, if a truck driver is monitoring dashboard instruments, radio systems, or a GPS, they may take their eyes off the road, resulting in them striking another motorist.

Manual Distractions

If a distraction results in the truck driver taking his or her hands off of the steering wheel or feet away from the pedals, it is considered a manual distraction. Eating and drinking are common manual distractions. Additionally, despite it being illegal in the state of Virginia, many truckers get distracted by texting while behind the wheel which could result in devastating accidents.

Cognitive Distractions

Many truck drivers are behind the wheel and prone to boredom as well as fatigue. Whether daydreaming, exhausted, or potentially under the influence of drugs or alcohol, anything that impairs his or her mental state could be considered a cognitive distraction.

When is Distraction Considered Negligent?

To prevail in a personal injury suit stemming from a truck wreck, you must show that the defendant driver acted irresponsibly, and his or her actions directly caused the accident and your resulting damages. If a truck driver were distracted to the extent that it impaired his or her ability to operate the commercial vehicle, a Staunton attorney could use that as evidence of negligence.

For example, if a truck driver was texting while driving and failed to see that traffic had slowed, resulting in a rear-end collision, the driver of the vehicle that was struck could hold the trucker financially liable for the resulting damages. A local lawyer could help you gather the evidence necessary to prove the semi-truck driver was distracted on his or her phone at the time of the collision. This could include surveillance footage, cellphone records, witness statements, and photographs.

Discuss Distracted Driving Truck Accidents with a Staunton Attorney

If a driver in a big rig crashed into you, you are likely facing substantial physical, emotional, and financial burdens. Fortunately, state law allows you to seek financial recourse if your damages are the result of another’s negligence.

If you believe the truck driver was not paying attention at the time of the wreck, you should contact a local attorney right away. Our team at The Warren Firm is experienced in handling distracted driving truck accidents in Staunton and could use this experience to help you reach a favorable resolution to your case. Call today to learn more.