Tractor-trailers and other trucks on I-64 and other Charlottesville roads can cause devastating injuries when they collide with smaller vehicles. The heavy weight and cumbersome operation of trucks make them a dangerous neighbor, particularly on the highway.

All too often, people are harmed by truck accidents that could have been prevented if drivers had fulfilled the responsibility they owe to others. If you or a loved one suffered injuries in a collision with a truck, a Charlottesville truck accident lawyer may be able to help obtain compensation to cover expenses and make up for some of the losses you have endured. A personal injury lawyer who understands the unique aspects of truck accident cases could review the circumstances and explain your options for seeking relief.

Establishing Liability for a Truck Accident

Before a truck accident victim can recover compensation, the injured person must prove that another person’s wrongful actions caused the accident and led to the injuries. Most of the time, the misconduct involved is not deliberate. However, even if someone does not intend to cause an accident, if he or she fails to meet obligations and that failure causes harm, that person may be held liable for the result.

Proof of failure to fulfill a duty and the resulting damage, often referred to as negligence, is accomplished through providing evidence. A Charlottesville truck accident attorney could investigate to locate evidence and craft sound arguments linking the evidence to the causation of the collision and the resulting harm.

Who Could Be At Fault in a Collision?

Trucks are usually operated as commercial vehicles, and that means that many people bear responsibility for the safe operation of a truck. Accordingly, a truck accident on roads, such as Interstate 64, could be traced to the irresponsibility of many different individuals or companies. These negligent parties may include the truck driver, maintenance company, retailer, trucking company, or vehicle manufacturer.

For instance, a truck crash could be caused by:

  • A retailer loading a trailer with too much weight at the top
  • A maintenance company failing to perform proper inspections on brakes
  • A driver distracted by a phone call
  • A trucking company that sets policies or deadlines that require drivers to take unnecessary risks
  • Debris on the road left by a third party
  • Reckless actions by the driver of another vehicle
  • The manufacturer of a failed component on the truck

Sometimes more than one person may be at fault, so a lawsuit could name several individuals or companies.

What Compensation May Be Available After a Tractor-Trailer Wreck?

An individual injured in a truck accident could receive compensation to make up for a number of different effects. This compensation is often referred to as damages. An accident victim could be awarded damages for both tangible and intangible losses regardless of whether a case settles in advance or proceeds to trial.

Economic and Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages for intangible losses include pain, suffering, and emotional anguish. Economic damages for tangible losses would consist of elements such as medical bills, reduced earning potential, and anticipated future expenses. If a truck accident results in death, compensation may be provided through a wrongful death claim.

Contact a Charlottesville Truck Accident Attorney

A truck accident can have tragic results. While a legal claim cannot reverse the damage, an attorney could help hold the responsible parties accountable and seek justice for the victims.

It is a good idea to consult a dedicated Charlottesville truck accident lawyer as soon as possible for a collision to allow your legal advocate the best opportunity to collect and preserve evidence to support the claim. For a consultation to learn more about the advantages a truck accident attorney could provide in your case, call the Warren Law Firm now.

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