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The trauma that could come with a boat accident can be severe. In addition to the physical injuries that can occur on impact, a boat accident could also involve the risk of drowning. A dedicated attorney could weigh the facts of your case before advising you of your chances of success. If you can establish that the other person or entity involved in the boat crash was responsible, you might have a valid claim for monetary compensation. Boat crashes are often chaotic, which makes building a winning claim difficult. By working with a Charlottesville boat accident attorney, you could put yourself in the best position to recover compensation from the negligent party.

While there are few bodies of water in Charlottesville or Albemarle that lead to boating accidents, people who live in the area may find themselves on the water at Lake Monticello, Lake Anna, or Smith Mountain Lake.

When Is A Boat Operator At Fault?

From collisions with other boaters to accidents involving a passenger, most accidents on the water are the result of an accident. Despite the lack of malice, these accidents can lead to devastating or even fatal injuries. If a person can prove that another party acted negligently, attorneys in the area could hold wrongdoers responsible for victims’ losses.

For boaters to be responsible for a crash, plaintiffs must demonstrate that the defendants acted with negligence. Negligence involves a boater violating the duty of care that he or she owed to everyone nearby. This can be done by operating the boat while intoxicated, driving too fast, or failing to pay attention to changing conditions.

If the plaintiff can show the other boater breached his or her duty, then that plaintiff is entitled to recover compensation for any injuries caused by the defendant’s negligence. An attorney could assist a Charlottesville resident injured in a boat crash by filing a lawsuit against the at-fault party.

What Type Of Damages Are Available In A Boat Crash Claim?

If a boat accident lawyer in Charlottesville, Virginia is able to prevail at trial on a claim, there are different forms of compensation that could be available. Some common examples include boat repair costs, medical bills, and disability.

Boat Repair Costs

The cost of keeping and maintaining a boat can be expensive. It should come as no surprise, then, that repairing these boats after a crash can also be costly. A plaintiff could pursue damages for the cost of fixing or replacing a boat lost due to another person’s negligence.

Medical Bills

Injuries resulting from a boat crash have the potential to require lifelong medical care. Even if these injuries are not catastrophic, the prospect of long-term care could seem overwhelming for anyone involved in a boat accident. A successful injury claim could pay for a plaintiff’s medical expenses now and in the future.


Some people who sustain injuries in boat accidents never fully recover. They could require a number of services to help them cope with the change to their quality of life, including in-home care or mobility devices. Compensation for these disability costs could be included in an injury claim.

Contact A Charlottesville Boat Accident Attorney Immediately

Moving forward after a serious boat accident is rarely easy. For those suffering from severe injuries, taking positive steps forward can be difficult in the face of financial strain and mounting medical bills.

If you are ready for financial relief from your accident-related losses, let a Charlottesville boat accident attorney assist you throughout the legal process. Call The Warren Firm right away to set up your initial consultation.