Most people know to contact the police and medical personnel following a traffic collision. However, the importance of legal assistance often goes overlooked by accident victims. Although it may not seem as pressing of a matter, reaching out to an experienced attorney soon after a car crash is advised for several reasons.

At The Warren Firm, our seasoned lawyers can assist with various processes such as conducting investigations, filing claims for recovery, working with insurance companies, negotiating settlements, and presenting a case in civil court. Call a member of our team today for more information on the role of an attorney in Staunton car accident cases.

Dealing with Insurance Companies for Staunton Traffic Wrecks

It is important to contact legal counsel soon after a traffic collision to handle insurance companies, who will get involved very early in the case. Claims adjusters and other representatives may collect information from the drivers, police officers, and witnesses to create a version of the accident that suits the company’s interests. Often, these motivations are to minimize the amount they must pay an injured victim, so companies will try to protect their insured driver from any allegations of fault.

A skilled lawyer could advise Staunton residents on what they should and should not say to representatives and protect them from any blame-shifting tactics by the adverse parties. Our firm always cautions against giving recorded statements because insurance companies will often try to spin them to deny claims. Additionally, those who have just undergone a traumatic accident may not understand the significance or implication of their words, so it is necessary to retain a nearby attorney whose job is to protect against legal traps.

A Lawyer’s Role in a Car Crash Investigation

The duty of a lawyer in a car accident investigation extends beyond presenting a case at trial. A dedicated attorney could also gather evidence that could be useful in a claim for recovery. Our savvy legal team often investigates the sites of Staunton traffic collisions and preserves evidence from the scene by taking photographs, measuring skid marks and road gouges, and documenting other property damage to nearby trees or mailboxes.

However, physical evidence becomes harder to acquire the more time that passes after a crash. For this reason, it is necessary for accident victims to enlist legal support as soon as possible after an incident. The role that an experienced attorney plays in investigating car crashes is often overlooked, but it is a necessary part of our practice at The Warren Firm.

Legal Work of Preserving Evidence

It is often challenging to gather evidence from a car crash because of various legal barriers and tight timeframes. For example, it can be difficult to track down and obtain statements from witnesses without a well-practiced legal team familiar with the area of the collision. Subpoenas are also required in certain cases to get video footage from nearby businesses or security cameras.

Additionally, one of the most important tasks of a legal professional in gathering evidence is preserving the vehicles involved in the Staunton crash. It is always important to have numerous photographs of any vehicular damage. However, insurance companies may attempt to take possession of the damaged car before it can be examined. Injured victims may allow their totaled vehicles to be moved and destroyed, unaware of any event recorders or other evidence that could have been collected. A knowledgeable attorney’s job is to prevent these vital mistakes that could hurt a Staunton car accident case.

Call for More Information on the Role of an Attorney in Staunton Car Accident Cases

The experienced attorneys at The Warren Firm have taken on many tasks over the years of handling diverse traffic collisions cases. Our adaptable legal team could discuss your specific circumstances and explain the services we could provide you. For more information on the role of an attorney in Staunton car accident cases, call today.