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Every case is different and every client requires a unique approach to each case. Obtain much more information with regards to. The following results should not be taken as promises or used to expect a certain outcome of your case. However, our case results do demonstrate what our firm is capable of. From the first few moments of your initial consultation, all to the way to the verdict or settlement stage, we do everything in our power in achieve for you the most possible compensation.

$1,750,000 Nursing Home Sexual Assault

Charlottesville, VA
Generally, the most appalling cases we receive are ones in which the injuries our client sustains are the result of intentional acts, rather than an accident or case of negligence. Our client was a patient...

$900,000 Car Accident

Lancaster County, Virginia
Our client was injured in a collision while riding as a passenger. He was admitted to the hospital for 11 days where he was diagnosed with broken ribs, a collapsed lung, and multiple fractures to...

$900,000 Fatal Tractor Trailer Accident

Nelson County, Virginia
Our client was killed in a tractor trailer accident. After filing suit, conducting discovery, and an unsuccessful mediation, we were able to continue to work with the mediator to have the trucker’s insurance company fairly...

$750,000 Hit-and-Run Car Accident

Richmond, VA
Our client was driving in the City of Richmond, VA when he was rear-ended by someone. The other driver fled the scene of the accident and was never identified. In the collision, our client sustained...

$720,000 Fatal Tractor Trailer Accident

Augusta County, Virginia
Our client was traveling as a front seat passenger in a vehicle operated by his friend. They were stopped behind a tractor trailer on 1-85 due to an overturned pickup truck. As they were stopped,...

$650,000 Fatal Motorcycle Accident

Page County, VA
Our client was traveling as a passenger on her husband’s motorcycle when they were hit by a drunk driver. Tragically, her husband died from the impact at the scene of the collision. Additionally, she sustained...

$575,000 Tractor Trailer Accident

Rockbridge, VA
Our client was injured in a collision that occurred on Interstate 81 near Route 606 in the County of Rockbridge, Virginia. At the time of the incident, he was rear-ended by a tractor trailer when...

$525,000 Car Accident

Henrico, VA
Our client was injured in a collision in Henrico, Virginia. She was a passenger in a vehicle driven by her daughter. They entered an intersection with a protected green light and were making a left-hand turn when they were struck. An independent witness said that the driver of the second vehicle was at fault and...

$450,000 Drag Racing Car Accident

Harrisonburg, VA
Our client was involved in a serious car accident that occurred in Harrisonburg, Virginia. She was driving down E. Market Street with two other passengers. Two other vehicles were drag racing on the opposite side...

$425,000 Car Accident

Fairfax County, VA
Our client was driving down the road on his way home when an oncoming vehicle crossed over the double yellow line and collided head-first into him. It was determined later that the other driver was...
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