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Whether they are carrying students to campus or giving local residents a lift to work, busses are a common sight in Charlottesville. Busses offer cost-effective, convenient transportation that also improves traffic congestion in the area. Their impact on local roadways is not entirely positive, however.

Frequently, commercial busses are responsible for devastating motor vehicle collisions. These accidents lead to injuries not only for the occupants of the other vehicle and passengers but also for pedestrians. If you sustained injuries in a bus accident, a skilled personal injury attorney at The Warren Firm could help you pursue litigation against the responsible party. A Charlottesville bus accident attorney could not only help you identify the at-fault parties but assist you in pursuing your claim until you obtain a favorable outcome.

How Do Bus Accidents Happen?

Bus drivers must meet special licensing requirements, but they are not immune to the mistakes that commonly lead to vehicle crashes. In fact, driver error is often made worse behind the wheel of a large vehicle.

Operator negligence could play a major part in a bus accident. Common examples of negligence include speeding, failing to use a turn signal, running a stop sign, or even driving while intoxicated. Any violation of the rules of the road could lead to a crash or to a bus hitting a pedestrian.

In some cases, decisions by the bus company or their other employees could be responsible for a crash. For example, bus companies are responsible for their own hiring practices. If the company employs a driver it knows to have substance abuse issues or a lengthy record of dangerous driving, that company could be equally at fault as the operator. The same is true if the company fails to maintain the bus in a safe working condition.

Some bus crashes occur due to mechanical failure. These failures could involve negligent maintenance by a mechanic or a defective part from the manufacturer. Under either circumstance, a bus accident attorney in Charlottesville could pursue legal action against the responsible parties.

What Are The Common Forms Of Compensation In A Bus Crash Lawsuit?

The damages that are available following a successful injury lawsuit will depend entirely on the severity of the bus crash. When the injuries are severe, the cost of treating them can be extensive. A skilled lawyer in Charlottesville could also help an individual injured in a bus collision fight for other damages beyond medical bills.

Vehicle Repair Costs

The damage to a passenger vehicle involved in a bus crash can be extensive. It is not uncommon for these collisions to result in a total loss. Plaintiffs can seek monetary damages to repair or replace their vehicle.

Lost Wages

A plaintiff who misses out on paychecks due to time away from work may be entitled to compensation. This compensation could cover lost wages after an accident as well as any diminished future earning power.

Pain and Suffering

While pain and suffering are subjective, plaintiffs can pursue financial compensation for their physical suffering after a crash. These damages often correspond to the number of medical bills accumulated after the accident.

Discuss Your Options With A Charlottesville Bus Accident Attorney

You have the right to pursue legal action against a negligent party after a bus crash. If your injuries are severe, you could be entitled to significant financial compensation.

Let a Charlottesville bus accident attorney review your case and answer any questions you have regarding your claim. Call the Warren Law Firm right away to set up your initial case evaluation.