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Severe burns can cause great physical discomfort and disfigurement, leaving victims to suffer through extensive and costly medical care. If you have sustained damages in a heat-related accident caused by another person, you may be able to hold them responsible with the help of a Staunton burn injury attorney.

Our team at The Warren Firm could help you value your damages, establish negligence, and recover damages from the liable parties. If you would like to explore your legal options, reach out to a Staunton catastrophic injury lawyer today.

What Are The Different Types of Burn Injuries?

Burns are defined as trauma to the skin or other bodily tissue stemming from heat, radioactivity, friction, radiation, or chemicals. Accidents like these are largely preventable. Unfortunately, many individuals continue to suffer skin injuries due to the negligent acts of others at work, in stores, or even in a friend’s home.


Thermal burns are caused by exposure to extreme heat. While someone could sustain this type of injury in a fire, these injuries can also be sustained through contact with hot metals, liquids, or steam.

Chemical And Electrical

These types of injuries typically occur in the workplace. Exposure to hazardous chemicals or faulty cords could lead to skin damage.


Radiation is caused by the emission of electromagnetic waves. A person using a tanning bed or undergoing a medical procedure might experience a radiation burn if there are technical errors. A lawyer who focuses on burns and other skin injuries could assess your specific situation and help you build a case.

Common Accidents Resulting In Skin Injuries

There are a number of ways in which negligence can produce debilitating or fatal burns. Common incidents that lead to skin injuries may include:

Anyone involved in these types of accidents could suffer substantial financial losses in addition to physical pain. As such, it is crucial to get in touch with a burn injury attorney who is prepared to fight for the compensation you need from the responsible parties.

How Could a Plaintiff Establish Negligence After an Accident in Staunton?

Skin injury cases generally revolve around the legal theory of negligence. Victims must establish a direct link between the at-fault party’s actions and their injuries. Proving liability can be difficult, but a lawyer could investigate your case and gather and analyze evidence to determine who is responsible for the burn accident.

Recovering Compensation for Long-Term Damages

Anyone who has experienced a severe burn injury understands how long the recovery process can be. In addition to skin grafts and reconstructive surgeries, victims may need therapy to address the emotional trauma they may be experiencing.

Due to the long-term effects of these types of accidents, injured parties should seek damages to cover their current and future losses. An attorney with experience handling skin injury cases could help you calculate the number of damages you will need.

Contact a Staunton Burn Injury Lawyer Right Away

Severe burn accidents can be life-altering, especially when they result in permanent scars. If you have been involved in such an incident, you may be struggling to handle the physical, mental, and financial challenges associated with the accident. To learn more about your legal options, contact a Staunton burn injury attorney today.