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Any wound that results in long-term or permanent impairment could be considered a catastrophic injury. These injuries could stop you from meeting your daily needs or maintaining employment. While it may seem as though you have no options but to endure, this is not typically the case. If your accident was caused by the negligence of another, then you might have legal recourse against that irresponsible party. If another person’s negligence causes your injury, you are entitled to compensation through a civil lawsuit against them. A dedicated personal injury attorney could assist you in the process of bringing your claim. After evaluating your claim, a Charlottesville catastrophic injury attorney could guide you throughout the litigation process.

What Are The Common Types Of Catastrophic Injuries?

There are many types of injuries that might be considered catastrophic. The nature of the injuries can differ, but they are all tied together by the permanent consequences they bring. Examples of catastrophic injuries include:

By nature of these injuries, the subsequent medical expenses are typically strenuous. In many cases, treating these injuries could be an ongoing or even lifetime necessity. An attorney in Charlottesville could assist a person suffering from a catastrophic injury pursue compensation to cover these costly medical expenses.

How Do Catastrophic Injuries Typically Occur?

Catastrophic injuries could occur in countless settings. Any circumstance where the human body suffers a significant impact could lead to a catastrophic injury. Many of these injuries result from accidents. This could include reckless behavior during a sporting event or the careless acts of a surgeon. Car accidents and workplace injuries are also common causes.

While most of these injuries are the result of accidents, many are also caused by intentional acts of violence. Physical assaults and gunshot wounds could cause spinal damage or other severe damages and result in serious expenses for the victims of these injuries.

Regardless of how the injury happened, an experienced lawyer could assist in pursuing a catastrophic accident claim for damages. A Charlottesville catastrophic injury attorney could carefully review the facts of a catastrophic accident in order to determine the identity of the at-fault party.

Compensable Damages Following An Accident Or Assault

The damages a plaintiff could recover in a catastrophic injury claim depend on the extent of the injuries. By prevailing at trial, a plaintiff could obtain a damages award for any of the losses stemming from the accident.

Pain and Suffering

The physical pain following a catastrophic injury could be extreme. In cases involving severe burns or nerve damage, chronic pain could last a lifetime. Plaintiffs have the right to seek monetary damages to compensate them for the physical suffering they endured.

Medical Bills

Treating catastrophic injuries can take months or even years. Some injuries, including paralysis, could be permanent. From the cost of hospital visits to physical therapy, the financial impact of addressing these life-altering needs could be overwhelming. Fortunately, a plaintiff could recover compensation to recoup these medical costs.

Lost Wages

Catastrophic injuries could cost a person their ability to earn a living. This could include the loss of physical control of their body or the mental capacity to hold down a job. A successful legal claim could lead to damages for both past and future lost wages.

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