The chances of getting into a car accident increases when you drive on major interstates, parkways, and highways. This is due to the increased traffic and high speeds. Driving on highways such as Interstate 64 and Interstate 81 requires extra caution.

If you were injured in a major roadway accident in Staunton, please call the Warren Law Firm right away. Our dedicated vehicle collision attorneys could assess your chance of recovering compensation.

What Are the Major Roadways in Staunton?

Some of the most traveled roadways in Staunton are VA-262, I-81, I-64, and VA-250. The speed limits on these highways are higher than a typical street, meaning any accident that occurs on these roadways is likely to lead to significant injures and damages. When the negligent driver is traveling above the speed limit, the consequences might even be fatal. If you or a loved one were harmed in a car crash on one of these major roads, a lawyer could inform you of your legal options.

Important Steps to Take After an Accident on a Major Road in Staunton

If you are involved in an accident, the first thing you should do is address any injuries you have. Next, it is essential to call 911, if they have not already arrived. Calling the police ensures that there will be documentation of the accident because law enforcement will file an accident report.

What Evidence Should a Car Wreck Victim Document?

Collect all of the evidence you can. It is crucial to write down the names and phones number of any witnesses, including the other driver. This is an important step because the police do not always make a record of all the witnesses. Taking pictures of the damage to your car and your bodily injures can also strengthen your case if you decide to pursue compensation.

In the event of a severe accident, you will likely be unable to gather contact information or take pictures. In these cases, it can be helpful for any passengers in the car to document these things for you. If no one else was in the vehicle, you should record as much evidence as you can after your condition stabilizes.

Seek Medical Treatment

Once the emergency medical technicians (EMTs) arrive at the scene of the accident, they may request to take you to the emergency room. It is best to go with them. As medical professionals, the EMTs will likely be able to identify certain injuries that you do not notice.

Consult with a Lawyer

After you have received short-term medical care and are stabilized, you may discuss your legal rights and obligations with a skilled attorney who is familiar with major roadway accidents.

The other party’s insurance company may push you to give or record a statement. However, most attorneys advise against doing that. Though any statement you give to them will be inadmissible in court, it can still be used against you in other ways.

Our Attorneys are Experienced with Handling Major Roadway Accidents in Staunton

Car accidents can happen anywhere, but they are particularly dangerous when they happen on high-traffic and high-speed roads. If you suffered damages after a major roadway accident in Staunton, call The Warren Firm today. Our legal team could help you pursue compensation for your losses.