Experienced Slip and Fall Injury Lawyers in Staunton, VA

Staunton Slip and Fall Injury LawyersFor some, slip and fall accidents can be every bit as disastrous as car accidents or motorbike collisions. In some cases, victims face long roads to recover, and in that time lost, suffer serious financial hardships that only complicate things further. If you or someone you love suffered a fall because of a property owner’s negligent upkeep of the premises, then you need to reach out to a dedicated personal injury lawyer at The Warren Firm. With the help of a Staunton slip and fall injury attorney, you could focus on your well-being while an attorney handles all facets of a personal injury claim.

Causes of Injuries in Slip and Fall Cases

Simply put, a property owner’s non-compliance with safety standards may cause someone on his or her premises to sustain injuries. Slip and fall accidents are typically caused by:

  • Wet and uneven surfaces such as defective sidewalks
  • Environmental conditions such as poor lighting
  • Inadequate safety practices in the workplace such as improper footwear
  • Unsafe ladders and stairs such as a lack of handrails

Liability in Slip and Fall Cases

The outcome of a slip and fall case in Staunton rests on the plaintiff’s ability to prove that the defendant failed to take reasonable steps to maintain a safe property. Furthermore, the plaintiff must prove that the defendant’s negligence caused the plaintiff to become injured from a slip and fall accident on the defendant’s property.

Perhaps the most challenging aspect to a case is that a plaintiff needs to show that the property owner had sufficient notice of the property’s dangerous condition in a slip and fall case. Fortunately, an experienced Staunton slip and fall accident attorney could research information about the property and property owner on behalf of the plaintiff.

Applicable Laws in Staunton Slip and Fall Cases

Virginia follows a pure contributory negligence rule, which means that a plaintiff found to have contributed to their injuries to any degree is unable to recover any damages. Accordingly, an injured party that is one percent responsible cannot recover any damages from a property owner that is 99% responsible.

In many cases, an employer or property owner will claim that the injured party suffered injuries from an “open and obvious” hazard. This defense places the blame on the injured party for not noticing and avoiding the danger so that the defendant is not held liable for any damages. A Staunton slip and fall case attorney could advise a potential plaintiff about the laws that apply to slip and fall cases and how to counter defenses from an opposing party.

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A slip and fall accident resulting from a property owner’s negligence can be a painful and costly experience. A Staunton slip and fall lawyer could advocate in support of compensation for the injuries you sustained from your accident. This compensation may include the repayment of medical bills and lost wages. Call us at the Warren Law Firm today to set an appointment with one of our qualified attorneys.