Staunton Child Injury LawyerCompassionate Child Injury Lawyers in Staunton, Virginia

Few things are more troubling than watching your child suffer an injury. When an accident is caused by the negligent act of another person, you may wish to take legal action against the responsible parties.

Working with a Staunton child injury lawyer could have a significant impact on the success of your case. The skilled personal injury attorneys at our firm have the resources necessary to help you obtain financial compensation for your damages.

Common Childhood Accidents in Staunton

There are many ways in which children could suffer harm through no fault of their own, though some situations may be more common than others. For example, negligent supervision at a daycare or school facility is a common cause of childhood accidents. Other incidents that could result in harm to a minor include:

Injuries sustained early in life can have long-term consequences that affect the victim throughout adulthood. If your child was involved in a severe accident, an experienced injury lawyer could work with you and your family to identify the liable parties and obtain financial compensation from them.

Establishing Liability in Cases Involving Minors

As with most personal injury claims, cases involving minors typically proceed under a negligence theory. Lawyers must establish the following to prove legal negligence in court:

  • The defendant owed a duty of care to the child
  • The defendant breached that duty
  • The breach caused the minor’s injury
  • The injury resulted in damages

Depending on your child’s specific circumstances, a seasoned attorney could obtain critical evidence, reach out to expert witnesses, and acquire other resources necessary to fight for compensation to cover your current and future losses.

Compensation Available to Parents and Injured Parties

Though the physical manifestations of many childhood injuries are not unlike those experienced by adults, the critical difference often lies in the lasting scope of the damages. Because children are still developing, a serious injury suffered in their youth could hinder their ability to lead fully productive lives and secure gainful employment in the future.

A diligent child injury attorney could work to demonstrate the losses suffered due to the at-fault party’s negligence. Victims and their parents could obtain compensation for economic damages, such as medical expenses, therapy costs, home accessibility modifications, and educational support services.

Additionally, injured parties might be able to receive payment for loss of future earning capacity, loss of enjoyment of life, and inconvenience. Speak to a lawyer for more information about the type of damages you could recover based on your unique situation.

Consider Working with a Staunton Child Injury Attorney

Accidents that occur during youth may seem minor at first but could develop into a severe condition requiring extensive medical treatment. A permanent injury could limit a child’s future prospects. Fortunately, there are legal protections for victims of these preventable accidents.

Talk to a Staunton child injury lawyer to find out how you could pursue financial compensation for your losses. Contact The Warren Firm today to schedule a consultation and begin working on your case.