Your back is among the most vulnerable parts of your body. In a car crash, the tendons within the spinal cord may twist or tear, resulting in painful strains or sprains. The disks in the back may also misalign, causing a reduction in your range of motion or functionality. The most severe examples involve damage to the spinal cord itself that may result in paralysis.

Drivers who are in the wrong by causing accidents are liable for the damage they cause. If you sustained back injuries after a Charlottesville car accident, our Virginia-based team is ready to take every required step to protect your legal rights after a back injury. Let a skilled car crash attorney help you pursue compensation and protect your rights.

Settlement for a Car Wreck Back Injury

It can be helpful to identify many of the factors that can contribute to a person’s potential back injury settlement. The most direct way to estimate value is to measure a person’s losses due to his or her physical injuries. As a general rule, the more extensive the injuries, the higher value a case will have.

For instance, if a person suffers a back strain after a crash that requires a few weeks of chiropractic treatment, medical bills might amount to only a few thousand dollars. By contrast, injuries that require an ambulance ride, emergency surgery, and lengthy hospitalization for injuries, such as a herniated disk or a severely damaged spinal cord, can necessitate tens of thousands of dollars of medical care.

Damages for Non-Economic Losses

Back injuries after car crashes on interstates like I-64 can impact a person’s life in ways that stretch beyond physical injuries. It is not uncommon for people to experience emotional traumas, lost quality of life, and lost income due to the incident. An experienced local lawyer could help you fight for compensation for the emotional turmoil that the accident caused while you focus on healing and resting.

Proving Fault for Vehicle Accidents in Charlottesville

The extent of your injuries is irrelevant when determining fault for the incident. Virginia uses the concept of contributory negligence to assign fault for car crashes. This means that if an injured party were in any way to blame for the incident, he or she could not collect compensation. According to the Virginia Civil Model Jury Instruction 6.000, defendant drivers can allege that an injured person’s lack of appropriate caution means that he or she did not do enough to avoid harm.

An attorney in the area could take the lead in building a powerful case against the at-fault driver by visiting the scene of the crash, analyzing the police report, talking with witnesses, and observing traffic cameras or dashcam footage. These factors can help your Charlottesville legal representative build a strong car crash claim against the liable driver for the back injuries that he or she caused.

Let an Attorney Fight for Compensation for Your Back Injuries After a Charlottesville Car Accident

Sustaining back injuries after a Charlottesville car accident can cause lifelong consequences. Individuals’ vertebral bones, back ligaments, and the spinal cord all play a vital role in sending brain signals and overall bodily function. Any damage to these essential body parts, such as herniated disks, strains to the ligaments, or spinal cord injuries, can devastate a person’s health and overall quality of life.

An attorney could help you evaluate how the accident changed your life and pursue at-fault drivers for the compensation that you deserve. Call The Warren Firm today to speak with a dedicated legal representative.