Many drivers will be involved in some type of car crash at some point in their lives, and knowing what to do and not do in that situation may have significant consequences. There are many ways that a Charlottesville car accident attorney could help such as giving legal advice on how to handle insurance investigators or taking an at-fault party to court. By working with an attorney at the Warren Firm, you could protect your rights to make a claim for damages and fight to get justice after an accident.

First Steps After an Accident

In the wake of a car crash, a driver should not admit any wrongdoing to the other driver, the police officer, or any insurance agents. Because of contributory negligence laws in Virginia, if a driver admits that he or she may have been partly to blame, it could prevent any recovery. After ensuring that everyone is safe and has received any necessary medical attention, and the police have been notified, it is wise for a driver to immediately call an attorney.

If a person who is involved in a car crash has any question that he or she may be injured, it would be wise to let the first responders evaluate him or her and go to the emergency room to be checked by a doctor. If a medical professional examines a crash victim right after the accident, any resulting injuries can be documented from their onset. It is important to document any complaints of pain or discomfort or soreness immediately. Often when an injured person waits to see a doctor a week or more after the crash, insurance companies may try to argue that the person was not injured as a result of the crash.

Why Working With an Attorney From the Beginning is Important

The importance of contacting an attorney soon after a car accident occurs cannot be understated. One important reason for this is that a Charlottesville car accident lawyer could collect evidence before it disappears, which may increase your potential recovery. Accident scenes get cleaned up, witnesses forget what they saw, and video footage may be deleted. Taking photographs of an accident and asking the right questions of witnesses from the beginning could significantly increase the strength of a damages claim. Even if a party does not want to hire an attorney right away, it is still important to at least discuss your case with and get basic guidance to avoid unwittingly harming your case.

A Charlottesville Car Accident Attorney Could Protect Your Rights

Another reason it is important to contact a lawyer soon after a Charlottesville car accident is because insurance companies often begin pursuing these cases immediately. Insurance adjusters are trained on how to investigate an accident, take statements, and get as much information as possible in a  short timeframe. They are not doing their investigation and fact-gathering to help the injured party. They are doing it to try to find information that will allow them either to deny the claim on liability or to keep the damages they have to pay to a minimum.

If insurance companies can develop some facts that show the injured party was even partly to blame, they may be able to deny the claim or argue that the injured party should be barred from making a recovery under Virginia’s contributory negligence law.

It is important that you have someone who is looking out for your interest and is collecting information to support you. There are many ways that a Charlottesville car accident attorney can help you after a car crash. By working with The Warren Firm, you could protect your rights in and out of court. To learn more about your legal options, call to schedule a consultation today.