When most people imagine the compensation available to them following a car crash, they think about recovering payments to cover their medical bills. While this is certainly the main focus of many cases, the at-fault driver and his or her insurance company are liable to pay for all of your losses.

In many situations, compensation from the at-fault driver includes the costs needed to repair your car. While your insurance policy may cover some of the costs of car repairs after a Charlottesville car accident, you may still need to pay the policy’s deductible. A vehicle wreck attorney could help pursue lawsuits and insurance claims to seek out the money you need to fully recover. Call our office today to set up your consultation.

Repairs that May be Necessary After a Collision

The purpose of a claim is to put you back in the position you would have been in had the incident never occurred. For instance, if the collision requires a complete rebuild of the back end of your vehicle, the at-fault driver is liable to pay for the repairs.

Even so, there is a distinction between damage caused by a crash and possible preexisting condition flaws. Unless the event resulted in a total loss, the at-fault driver must only provide compensation for the damage that he or she caused. Working with a local attorney could help you connect the defendant driver’s negligence to the damage to your vehicle. Skilled legal representatives could also help gather repair estimates and demand proper payments for the necessary remedial work.

Guiding Drivers Through the Interactions Between Repairs and Insurance Companies

Car insurance policies in Virginia are not required to contain provisions for the carrier’s own property, which means you may need to collect the full cost of car repairs from the at-fault driver. However, most people have some level of protection on their policies for their vehicles, and it may cover a portion of the costs of repairs or even the total outlay. Here, obtaining payments to repair a car may involve a combination of claims against one’s own policy and seeking compensation from the other driver. If you need to pay a deductible on your policy, you can demand that the at-fault driver cover this cost.

The Code of Virginia § 8.01-243 dictates that injured parties have five years from the date of a collision to demand compensation for their losses. However, many car crashes also inflict personal injuries. In these situations, the time limit to pursue a case shortens to two years. For this reason, you must get to work with a lawyer immediately to demand payments after your accident.

Car Repairs After a Charlottesville Car Accident Are a Substantial Portion of the Available Compensation

A significant concern for many motorists is how to pay for the needed car repairs after a Charlottesville car accident.  If another driver causes the crash, he or she must provide compensation for the sum of your out-of-pocket costs. This can include repairs not covered by your insurance policy and even your deductible.

Collecting these payments is only possible if you can show that the other driver was solely to blame for the crash. An experienced attorney could take the lead in gathering the evidence necessary to prove this concept, work to present information concerning your property damage, and fight for every dollar that you deserve. Reach out to The Warren Firm today to get started.