Spinal cord injuries may happen under a number of circumstances. When you least expect it, these injuries could occur while driving, at work, or even during a recreational sporting event. The consequences of this type of injury are steep, with many cases resulting in permanent paralysis. If these injuries occur due to another person’s negligence, you may be entitled to monetary compensation. A practiced catastrophic injury attorney could advise you on your right to seek compensation.

With experienced legal counsel, you might be able to obtain damages for your medical bills, pain and suffering, or lost wages. Pursuing these claims can be complicated, but you could improve your odds of success by working with a Charlottesville spinal cord injury lawyer.

How Spinal Injuries Occur

Spinal cord injuries can occur in any situation where an impact or extreme pressure can damage this bundle of nerves. The spinal cord reaches from the base of the hips, through the back, and ends at the bottom of the brain. This means injuries to the head, neck, or back could all result in spinal damage.

Spinal injuries are common in vehicle collisions. Accidents involving automobiles are often dangerous, given the tremendous impact that could be involved. These collisions are particularly likely to cause a spinal cord injury if an occupant is not wearing a seatbelt.

Complete Versus Incomplete Injuries

Spinal cord injuries fall into two categories based on their severity. Each injury is considered either complete or incomplete. Understanding these categories is important for any lawyer or injured party when considering a spinal cord injury lawsuit in Charlottesville.

When a spinal cord is fully severed, it is considered a complete spinal cord injury. These injuries typically result in permanent paralysis in the body below the area the cord is damaged.

Incomplete injuries result in damage in the cord that is short of a total tear. With incomplete injuries, a person could retain some feeling or motor skills depending on the severity of the injury.

Settling a Spinal Cord Injury Claim

When an attorney in Charlottesville pursues a spinal cord injury lawsuit, there could be multiple options for resolving the claim prior to trial. Settlements in spinal cord injuries may be common, but obtaining a fair settlement offer takes tremendous work.

In some cases, the parties will reach an agreement shortly after an attorney takes over the case. Once an attorney has evaluated the case, he or she often will send a formal demand for payment known as the “demand letter.” In many cases, the demand letter will trigger negotiations that ultimately resolve the case. A settlement is also common before a lawsuit or even during the course of litigation. The parties can end the case at any time after the defendant offers an amount of money that satisfies the spinal cord injury victim.

Call a Charlottesville Spinal Cord Injury Attorney Today

The pursuit of compensation in a spinal cord injury lawsuit usually requires a lot of effort. Without the assistance of an experienced attorney, it could be challenging to obtain a favorable outcome at all.

By working with a Charlottesville spinal cord injury lawyer, you could give yourself the chance to recover the financial damages you need to cover your losses and compensate you for your pain and suffering. Call the Warren Firm right away to discuss your claim.