Once a car accident claim is filed, the insurance company will begin investigating right away. Insurance agents may talk to the at-fault driver, police officers, or any other witnesses. The company might also take pictures of the automobiles involved to record property damage.

With this evidence, insurance companies will formulate a plan to protect themselves from having to pay the injured parties a large settlement. If you recently sustained damages in a crash, reach out to a knowledgeable vehicle collision attorney as soon as possible. Our team at The Warren Firm has experience dealing with medical expense coverage in Charlottesville car accident cases.

Understanding Medical Expense Coverage

When drivers purchase insurance for their vehicles, they often have the option to buy medical expense coverage. This type of coverage is “no-fault,” which means, the policy holder’s insurance company will pay medical bills for anyone harmed in an auto wreck regardless of liability. The state does not require all motorists to obtain this type of insurance.

Policyholders with medical expense coverage typically pay their insurance company a monthly premium. In return, they are covered for up to a certain amount of damages after an accident.

This insurance is unique, in that it multiplies based on the number of vehicles involved in an accident. For example, if a person with $1,000 of medical expense coverage is involved in a wreck with three other cars, there will be $3,000 available to cover any personal injuries.

An injured party is permitted to claim this type of coverage even if he or she is pursuing damages for medical bills in court. A car accident attorney at our firm could help you take advantage of an at-fault driver’s medical expense coverage in your case.

Benefits of Purchasing Coverage in Charlottesville

Drivers who purchase medical expense coverage may benefit from a health insurance-negotiated rate. If an injured party seeks medical attention and is charged $500, he or she may only have to pay a $50 copay.

Due to the negotiated rate, $400 may be written off or adjusted, while the insurance company pays the remaining $50. A knowledgeable lawyer could help you understand the advantages of obtaining medical expense coverage.

Filing a Lawsuit Against Insurance Companies That Refuse to Pay

In cases that involve a significant amount of medical expense coverage, insurance companies may be reluctant to pay the injured party. In these situations, a person can file suit against that company to encourage them to take action.

Most medical expense cases are filed in the general district court for up to $25,000. This is a lower court, and a judge will make the final decision. If an insurance company is refusing to pay you the medical expense coverage you need, a lawyer could help you file a lawsuit.

Talk to an Attorney about Medical Expense Coverage in Charlottesville Car Accident Cases

If you sustained damages in a car crash, you should act quickly. Without a legal advocate, insurance companies may try to withhold the coverage you need to pay your medical bills.

Retain a lawyer at The Warren Firm who could help you preserve evidence and collect witness testimony to present to the insurance company. Call our office today to speak with an attorney about medical expense coverage in Charlottesville car accident cases.