The current global pandemic has affected Charlottesville residents in all aspects of life. Although there may be fewer commuters on the road due to more people working from home, traffic collisions still unfortunately occur. Those injured may be left wondering how the legal implications of COVID-19 could affect their right to recovery.

The knowledgeable attorneys at The Warren Firm are here to discuss your concerns about the impact of COVID-19 on car accident cases in Charlottesville. We are committed to working with injured victims for adequate compensation amidst ongoing adaptations to civil court proceedings. For more updated information on the current situation and how it could affect your car accident claim, contact our firm today.

Effect on Receiving Medical Treatment for Car Collisions

It is still difficult to tell how the pandemic is affecting people’s ability to receive medical care after a car crash. However, we have already seen some cases where medical providers are not seeing and treating people who do not have severe injuries requiring immediate attention. Based on the car accident claims our legal team has handled thus far during the pandemic, it is likely that many treatments could be postponed. This may present challenges to those requiring surgeries, physical therapy visits, or doctor follow-ups after a traffic accident.

Patients who are facing COVID-related postponements or who are immunocompromised and wish to avoid in-person appointments should try to arrange virtual visits with their doctors. These arrangements are becoming more commonplace as society adapts to the current global crisis. A virtual appointment can allow the doctor to assess the patient, note any immediate medical injuries that need to be addressed, make a diagnosis, and prescribe medication if necessary.

However, if you cannot get a virtual visit, it is recommended that you call your doctor’s office to speak with a nurse or someone else in the practice. This way, you can explain your symptoms and have the medical provider notate your injuries. It is important for those involved in car accidents to seek medical advice and direction even for mild injuries, as small pains could present greater problems later on.

Impact of COVID-19 on Traffic Accident Claims

There are several ways that the global pandemic could have legal implications for a car accident case. For one, a COVID-related postponement on medical care could be viewed as a gap in medical treatment. In a civil claim, a defendant could argue that a delay in treatment makes a plaintiff partially responsible for his or her injuries.

To refute such claims, it is recommended that patients document any calls from the doctor’s office, as well as the date and reason for postponing a visit. With documentation from the Charlottesville medical practice, a persistent attorney could build a strong case to combat any delayed treatment arguments by the defendant.

Another impact of the virus on accident claims is that the legal systems may be more clogged due to courts closing. The courts in Virginia, including Charlottesville and Albemarle County, have shut down for about six to eight weeks, pushing back civil and personal injury trial dates. Insurance companies are aware of this and may make lowball offers to injured parties who are struggling to make ends meet and pay for medical bills. However, our experienced attorneys could work tirelessly to protect your right to adequate compensation.

Call a Charlottesville Attorney to Explain the Impact of Coronavirus on Your Car Accident Case

At The Warren Firm, our well-researched attorneys are always adapting to the current global crisis. We continue to work tirelessly on behalf of car accident victims to pursue recovery for their losses. For more information on the potential impact of COVID-19 on car accident cases in Charlottesville, schedule a free consultation today.