While some rear-end car accidents can be inconsequential, many could leave drivers and passengers severely injured, potentially leading to extensive medical bills and other expenses. The law in Virginia states that a driver of a car cannot follow another car or vehicle more closely than is reasonably prudent. This means that the trailing vehicle needs to have enough time to stop if the vehicle ahead of it stops.

Drivers must take into account the speed of both vehicles, the traffic, and the conditions on the highway. The duty or the responsibility of drivers is that they do not follow a car so closely that they cannot stop in time if that vehicle in front of them lawfully stops on the road.

If a driver’s failure to follow these laws and rules of the road leads to an accident, that person could be held liable for the ensuing damages. Even though a back-end car crash might not be very dangerous, it is important to speak with a car wreck attorney before talking to the insurance companies or another party. A Charlottesville rear-end car accident lawyer at the Warren Firm could be the ally you need to protect your rights and get fair compensation.

Common Elements in Rear-End Auto Wrecks

The leading cause of rear-end collisions is drivers following too closely. If a car ahead of another slows down and there is not adequate space when the front car stops, the rear driver may be liable for the monetary damages. Another common cause of rear-end collisions that a Charlottesville attorney can assist with is drivers who are not aware of a vehicle in front of them when they are looking back at oncoming traffic as they are trying to merge into highway traffic from an on-ramp.

Following too Closely on Interstates and Highways

Rear-end collisions often happen on interstates and highways when drivers are following too closely, but both vehicles are still moving. This may be the result of distracted drivers taking their eyes off the road, or a sudden decrease in the speed limit. It is also possible that vehicles merging onto the highway could cause drivers to slam on their brakes to avoid a collision.

Animals on the Road

Many other auto collisions are caused by an animal such as a deer running into the road, forcing drivers in front of the following vehicle to take evasive action or suddenly stop. Regardless of the cause of the rear-end car crash, it is wise for the injured party to speak with a Charlottesville lawyer to collect key evidence and start building a strong claim.

Let an Attorney Help After a Rear-End Car Crash

Any time drivers are negligently or recklessly following another vehicle without enough space to safely stop, they may be liable for any ensuing damages. Even in minor accidents, people may be seriously injured, incurring extensive medical costs, lost wages from missed work, and even pain and suffering. To get started with your claim, work with an experienced Charlottesville rear-end car accident lawyer at the Warren Firm by scheduling an initial consultation today.