$450,000 Drag Racing Car Accident

Harrisonburg, VA
Type Of Case:Car accident
Location:Harrisonburg, VA
Injuries Sustained:Collapsed lung, aorta tears, arm lacerations, spleen and kidney injured beyond repair, tear in colon resulting in pancreatitis, liver laceration, facial cuts, contusions
Suit Filed:Rockingham County
Verdict or Settlement:Settlement

Our client was involved in a serious car accident that occurred in Harrisonburg, Virginia. She was driving down E. Market Street with two other passengers. Two other vehicles were drag racing on the opposite side of the street when one of the drivers lost control and crossed over the double yellow lines, crashing head-on into our client’s vehicle. Our client suffered a collapsed lung, two aorta tears, facial cuts, one lower and upper arm laceration, spleen and kidney removal requiring forty-eight (48) staples, contusions and bruises to the left side of her body and left thigh, tear/laceration in her colon and pancreatitis as a result of the injury and liver laceration. A lawsuit was filed in Rockingham County. This case was settled before trial for $450,000.

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