$900,000 Car Accident

Lancaster County, Virginia
Type Of Case:Car accident
Injuries Sustained:Broken ribs, a collapsed lung, and multiple fractures to pelvis
Place of Accident:Lancaster County, Virginia
Suit Filed:Lancaster Circuit Court
Verdict or Settlement:Verdict

Our client was injured in a collision while riding as a passenger. He was admitted to the hospital for 11 days where he was diagnosed with broken ribs, a collapsed lung, and multiple fractures to his pelvis. Due to the location and extent of his injuries, our client required the assistance of a walker or cane around the house and uses a wheelchair for community mobility. He was given a disability rating of 62% of the left lower extremity and a whole person impairment of 25%. At the time of the accident, he was unable to return to work. His employer provided strong testimony regarding his work ethic and dependability. The case was tried because the insurance company refused to offer more than $750,000. Our client was awarded $900,000.

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