Tractor Trailer Accident- Augusta County, Virginia – Tractor Trailer Accident

This accident occurred in Augusta County, Virginia, in which our client was a front seat passenger in a vehicle operated by his friend. They were stopped behind a tractor trailer on 1-85 due to an overturned pickup truck when they were struck by a second tractor trailer that collided with the passenger side of our client’s vehicle. Both the driver and our client ultimately died from their injuries.

The wife of our client qualified as the administrator of her husband’s estate and we filed suit against both the driver of our client’s vehicle and the driver of the tractor trailer. Since both drivers may have had exposure for some portion of liability, we always file suit against anyone who may have contributed, even partially, to an accident to ensure that all available insurance coverage comes into play.

Once the lawsuit was filed, there were multiple pleadings and hearings filed to consolidate both our client’s case and the driver of our client’s vehicle counterclaim lawsuit. Consolidating cases in which one of the parties is a defendant can cause confusion for a jury. It can also lead to one case piggybacking on the other for experts and costs. Although we did not convince the judge that these two cases needed to be heard separately, we were successful in getting our case settled.

We were able to resolve this case for the significant sum of $720,000.

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