While snow skiing is a popular winter hobby, it does not come without its risks. Navigating the slopes safely can be challenging under the best circumstances. It can be especially difficult when careless fellow skiers or poorly-maintained facilities are present.

If you have suffered an injury while skiing, filing a claim could be the answer to your problems. An experienced injury attorney could help you recover a monetary award that could pay your medical expenses and compensate you for your other losses. Let a Louisa County ski accident lawyer help you build a claim for compensation against the at-fault party.

Pursuing a Ski Injury Case in Louisa County

There are a number of legal issues that require navigation during a ski injury case that are not present with other injury claims. Chief among them is the concept of assumption of risk. Skiing is an inherently dangerous activity. Even experienced and careful skiers run the risk of an injury every time they take to the slopes. By assuming the risks associated with skiing, you could lose your right to pursue a legal claim against the ski resort operator. Property owners and operators have a legal duty to notify skiers of the risks that naturally come with skiing.

However, this legal theory does not completely absolve property owners from the injuries that happen on their property. For example, a resort operator is liable for any hazards that occur due to his or her own negligence. In addition to hazards caused by the property owner, you could also pursue a claim for compensation for any risks that the resort operator failed to provide notice of. An experienced attorney in Louisa County could advise when an assumption of risk defense might not be valid in a ski accident case.

Ski Lift Injuries

Another unique injury claim that can occur on a ski resort relates to the lifts that are commonly used to carry skiers up the mountains. There are strict legal requirements for the operation and maintenance of ski lifts. If the resort fails to adhere to these requirements, it could face liability for any injuries that occur.

A fall from a ski lift could result in severe bodily harm. Fortunately, a Louisa County lawyer could evaluate an accident and advise you if the resort failed to adhere to regulations regarding the ski lift, resulting in your injury.

Time Limit on Filing a Lawsuit for Skiing Crashes

There is a limited window of time for you to pursue a lawsuit. This deadline applies to all injury cases and is known as the statute of limitations.

The statute of limitations is governed by Code of Virginia Section 8.01-243. Under the statute, you must file your claim within two years of the ski accident. Should you fail to file on time, the consequences could be severe. The court is likely to dismiss a case if it is filed after the two-year window closes, so do not hesitate in consulting an attorney in the area right away.

Contact a Louisa County Ski Accident Attorney Today

If you were hurt on the ski slopes, you could be entitled to monetary compensation for your injuries. A successful injury claim could provide for your physical, financial, and emotional losses stemming from the accident.

Putting your case in the hands of a Louisa County ski accident lawyer could boost your chances of obtaining a fair resolution to your claim. To learn more about your options, schedule an initial evaluation with The Warren Firm today.