As a consumer, you rightfully assume that the products you purchase are safe and work as advertised. However, some products may have defects that lead to injury. If you or a loved one sustained injuries under these circumstances, you should be able to hold the company that made or sold the product responsible.

As your advocate, a Louisa County defective products lawyer could help answer your legal questions, take the company to court, and fight for financial compensation for your injuries. Consider calling an experienced injury attorney early in the process to determine whether you may have a claim.

Common Ways a Product Might Be Defective

There are many ways in which a product might be defective or present a safety risk to its users. However, if a product’s design is sufficient, but it is assembled or manufactured incorrectly, it could also present a danger or not meet your expectations.

Injuries from a Defective Product

If you were injured by a defective product, you may be able to claim that the company was negligent in the design or manufacturing process. For example, the product may have been designed in a way that made it unsafe for users. If you can show that the company knew or should have known that the design of the product was dangerous or defective, you could file a lawsuit for compensation with a skilled Louisa County attorney.

False Advertising

Companies may also falsely advertise products with misleading or deceptive marketing claims. Although some false advertising claims may only be a small annoyance to individual consumers, others might lead to life-altering injuries.

Product Liability Laws in Louisa County

If a company designed or manufactured a product with defects, it may have violated state consumer protection laws.

The Virginia Consumer Protection Act was enacted to protect individuals from misleading marketing and unfair business practices. Under the law, those engaged in the business of selling merchandise or providing services in the state are prohibited from engaging in misrepresentation, fraud, or deceit.

Additionally, the Consumer Protection Section of the state Attorney General’s Office coordinates complaints and investigations into defective products. In certain situations, this office might also file a lawsuit against the company selling the defective product.

Getting Compensation for Defective Products

Those who have been injured by a defective product may be able to claim financial compensation or damages. However, to do so, he or she must demonstrate that the company or companies that designed, manufactured, and/or distributed the product did so without taking proper care to ensure it was safe for consumers.

A lawyer in Louisa County may be able to help you prove that a company acted negligently or even recklessly by allowing the defective product to be sold. A skilled legal professional could gather evidence and investigate past claims to see whether other consumers have been injured in the same way.

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If you were injured by an unsafe or falsely advertised product, consider contacting a Louisa County defective products lawyer. An attorney may be able to help you understand if and how state consumer protection laws apply to your situation.

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