Burn injuries have the potential to cause a lifetime of physical and emotional scarring. These injuries could impact your ability to enjoy life or earn a living. However, when severe burn injuries occur as the result of negligence, the victim could pursue compensation through a personal injury lawsuit.

If you suffered burn injuries through no fault of your own, a dedicated catastrophic injury attorney could advocate on your behalf. A Louisa County burn injury lawyer could investigate the cause of your injuries and help you hold the negligent party financially accountable for his or her actions.

Common Accidents that Cause Burn Injuries

The basis of a burn injury lawsuit can vary. Some claims result from accidents, while others can involve intentional or reckless behavior. An experienced Louisa County attorney could help pursue any negligence-related burn injury regardless of the cause. Some of the common factors in burn accidents include:

These are a few of many circumstances that could lead to a burn injury claim. While the circumstances of each burn injury case are different, the compensation under each of these situations could be substantial.

Making a Case for Negligence in Louisa County

For a victim of a severe burn to obtain monetary compensation, he or she must establish that the burns resulted from the negligence of another party. This party could be an individual, a business entity, or even the government. No matter the identity of the defendant in your case, you must meet all four of the elements of negligence to prevail should your case go to trial. An attorney in Louisa County could help you develop a strategy to prove negligence in your burn injury claim.

Duty of Care

The first step in pursuing a burn injury claim is to establish a duty of care. Ultimately, the at-fault parties are only liable for damages if they owed a duty of care to the burn victim.

Further, the existence of a duty of care depends on how the burn injury occurred. In some situations—such as motor vehicle accidents—there is little doubt that a careless motorist owed a duty to operate his or her vehicle safely near other drivers. Unfortunately, determining if a duty of care existed can be more challenging in situations where something such as a fire occurred at a business or private property.

Breach of Duty

Once you have established a duty of care, your next job is to show the defendant breached that duty. Any act of carelessness or recklessness that results in a burn could qualify. Some examples could include carelessly installing faulty wiring or driving while under the influence of substances or alcohol.

Causation in Burn Cases

There must also be some sort of causal link between the burn injury and the defendant’s breach. This step—known as causation—ensures that only the defendant is responsible for the damages caused by his or her negligence.


The final step to prove negligence involves damages. Burn injuries can result in several measurable damages, including hospital bills, lost wages, diminished earning capacity, or pain and suffering. A local lawyer could help you gather appropriate damages to present for your claim.

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Severe burn injuries can lead to a lifetime of doctor appointments, physical therapy, and constructive surgeries. The cost of this care makes up only one portion of a burn accident claim. These injuries could also impede your ability to earn a living or enjoy your life.

There are complex issues that can come up in burn accident litigation. Let a Louisa County burn injury lawyer serve as your advocate throughout your case. Call The Warren Firm today to get started on your claim.