If you have suffered severe or unexpected side effects after taking an over-the-counter medication or pharmaceutical drug, you may be facing costly medical bills and uncertainty about your future. The pharmaceutical company that made this drug should be held responsible.

Taking action against pharmaceutical companies who reap millions in profits each year may seem daunting, but a Louisa County dangerous drugs lawyer may be able to help. An experienced personal injury attorney could assist you in filing a legal claim, reporting to a government agency, or joining a collective action.

How Do Consumers End Up Taking Dangerous Medications?

Each year, pharmaceutical companies generate enormous profits from over-the-counter and prescription medications. While there are laws and regulations that require these companies to thoroughly test these drugs, thousands of consumers have still suffered losses after taking dangerous medications. Even seemingly innocuous medications, such as over-the-counter herbal supplements, pain killers, and heartburn medications have resulted in unintended and dangerous side effects. In some cases, these unsafe medications have led to death, while other consumers have been left with lifelong medical conditions.

In some situations, the pharmaceutical company may not have tested the product as it should, even going so far as to hide or mislead the public about the safety of their medication. A Louisa County attorney could assist in holding the pharmaceutical company accountable and obtain compensation for those injured by dangerous drugs.

Drug Recalls

In certain situations, some drugs may present a high degree of risk and are consequently pulled off of the market in a recall. Many recalls come after numerous reports are made to the US Food and Drug Administration about adverse side effects.

Though a recall may protect consumers in the future, there may be thousands of individuals who were already exposed to the dangerous drug. In these cases, a local attorney could organize these consumers into a collective action, or Multiple Claimant Litigation, against the pharmaceutical company.

Hazardous Drug Lawsuits in Louisa County

While consumers expect drug companies to extensively research and test the products they put on the market, this does not always occur. Drug companies are a business that may cut corners in the name of the bottom line.

When a Louisa County lawyer suspects this may be the case, they could examine the clinical trials and other research the pharmaceutical company used to get its dangerous drug approved by regulators. If the drug company failed to conduct sufficient tests or misled regulators about the safety of its product, the company could be held responsible for the injuries and other damages the drug caused.

You may be able to file an individual lawsuit or organize a collective action, against the pharmaceutical company that is at fault. In some situations, these lawsuits can result in compensation, either through a verdict or settlement agreement, for those who suffered injuries after taking the medication.

It is important to note that dangerous drug lawsuits have a statute of limitations. Under Va. Code Ann. § § 8.01-243, these claims must be made within two years of the discovery of losses caused by the drug’s side effects.

Contact a Louisa County Dangerous Drugs Attorney

If you are concerned that you took a dangerous drug, you may be feeling overwhelmed with questions about who to hold responsible and how. Many individuals have gone through similar situations, and an experienced attorney may be able to help you.

If you have legal questions about suffering side effects from a medication, contact a Louisa County dangerous drugs lawyer right away. In addition to legal guidance, an attorney at The Warren Firm could help you file a lawsuit or join a collective action.