When a truck jackknifes, any other driver or pedestrian around the truck is in danger of severe injuries. The trailer may skid across a roadway and cause serious damage to anything in its path. Jackknife accident survivors often face a long and challenging road to recover from their injuries and damages.

If you or a loved one suffered a severe injury in this type of accident, you may be feeling overwhelmed by medical bills and lack of income due to missed time at work. Sadly, Interstate 81 and Interstate 64 are hotspots for all types of tractor-trailer accidents. Fortunately, a tractor-trailer wreck attorney experienced in jackknife truck accidents in Augusta County could help seek the financial compensation you deserve for your losses. Contact The Warren Firm today to discuss your case.

What is a Jackknife Truck Wreck?

A jackknife accident occurs when a tractor-trailer locks its brakes or slides, resulting in the entire vehicle skidding. In some cases, a truck driver may regain control of the vehicle and prevent it from skidding uncontrollably. However, when the truck jackknifes, the trailer may skid independently of the vehicle at a 90-degree angle alongside the truck. An uncontrolled skidding trailer is at risk of colliding with anything in its path, including other vehicles, pedestrians, and property, which typically causes a significant amount of damage.

Common Reasons Jackknife Accidents Occur

Some of the common factors that may increase the risk of a jackknife wreck include the speed at which the truck is traveling, the path of the roadway, and adverse weather conditions. Additionally, the length of a truck could also increase the odds of a collision.

Although external factors play a significant role in jackknife accidents, the internal systems of a truck, such as its breaks and maintenance, may also cause a truck to jackknife. An experienced local lawyer skilled in these types of collisions could help investigate your accident to determine the cause of the jackknife and your legal options.

Finding Liability in Augusta County

Although many may believe the trucker is the sole party liable for any damages sustained in a jackknife crash, there may also be other responsible parties. Some parties who may be held liable in a claim include:

  • The company employing the truck driver
  • The cargo loading company
  • The brake manufacturer
  • The company responsible for maintenance on the truck
  • Any party responsible for the road maintenance

It is critical to investigate an accident with the help of experienced legal representation to ensure all potentially liable parties are included in the claim.

Statute of Limitations in Jackknife Collisions

Under Virginia Code § 8.01-243, a jackknife lawsuit must be filed with the court within two years of the accident. If you wait to collect the necessary information for a lawsuit, the important evidence could be lost, and the responsible parties may not be found in time. A seasoned attorney could get started right away on your accident investigation to help determine the responsible parties on your behalf.

Reach Out to an Attorney Familiar with Jackknife Truck Accidents in August County

Truck drivers have increased duties regarding the upkeep of their vehicles and the maintenance of their brakes and other equipment. This is critical because truck crashes often result in far greater damage and injuries to other drivers, pedestrians, and property around the accident.

A knowledgeable attorney with experience handling jackknife truck accidents in Augusta County understands what to look for in a successful claim. Contact The Warren Firm today to discuss your case.