No one enters another person’s property with the expectation of suffering an injury. Unfortunately, injuries resulting from dangerous property hazards occur every day. These accidents have the potential to lead to a legal claim known as a premises liability lawsuit. While the monetary recovery in these cases can be substantial, there are often roadblocks in premises liability claims. Property owners—particularly state and local governments—often work tirelessly to avoid responsibility for accidents.

The good news is that an Augusta County premises liability lawyer could hold the liable parties accountable for injuries you sustained on another’s land. A compassionate personal injury attorney could help you pursue legal action against the occupier or owner of the property.

Understanding Property Accidents

The term premises liability involves civil claims for injuries that occur on the property of another person or entity. This includes not only private property but also land owned by the government. A premises liability lawsuit could target a state or local government, a business owner, or even the occupier of a private residence.

The type of property where the premises liability accident occurs can have an impact on the outcome of a legal claim. There are special requirements for pursuing an injury claim against a government entity that are not present in lawsuits against businesses or private individuals. There are typically notice requirements that involve providing a government entity notice of a potential injury claim shortly after it happens. If an injured party does not provide this notice in time, he or she could be barred from pursuing the claim entirely. This notice period is typically short, making it vital to seek the guidance of a premises liability attorney in Augusta County without delay.

Types of Premises Liability Claims

The most common type of premises liability case involves slip and fall injuries. These accidents not only make up most of the premises liability claims filed each year, but they also lead to more hospitalizations than any other premises liability claim. However, slips, trips, and falls are only one of the potential accidents that could occur on another person’s property. An experienced attorney in Augusta County could pursue all of your legal options for any type of premises liability claim. Other examples include:

Animal Attacks

Attacks from dogs or other animals kept on the property of another person could result in a viable premises liability claim. Dog attacks in particular are common and routinely lead to severe injuries, including infection or nerve damage. Provoking the animal or trespassing could defeat an otherwise strong animal attack claim, however.

Impact Injuries

Some injuries occur due to falling objects. While being struck by a falling object is especially common at construction sites, these accidents could occur anywhere.

Negligent Security

One type of premises liability case that is not often discussed is a negligent security claim. While property owners do not have a duty to prevent all crime on the premises, they could face civil liability if they fail to take reasonable steps to prevent foreseeable assaults and other violent criminal acts.

Contact with Harmful Substances

Some premises liability accidents involve contact with harmful substances. This could include suffering burns from a burst hot water line or illness due to contact with spilled chemicals.

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Whether your injury was caused by a fall or a violent assault, you could have a viable legal claim against the owner of the property where the injury occurred. If the property owner failed to take reasonable steps to prevent your injury, your compensation could be substantial.

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