Burns are often some of the most severe and painful types of injuries a person can suffer following an accident. These injuries often require extensive medical treatment at expensive, specialized facilities, and they can greatly impact your financial well-being. Fortunately, when your burns are the result of another person’s negligence, you may be able to win financial compensation in a catastrophic injury lawsuit with the help of an experienced attorney.

If you suffered burns in an accident, an experienced Augusta County burn injury lawyer could fight for your legal rights and the financial compensation you need.

Different Types of Burn Injuries

Burns can happen in many ways with a variety of causes. Different types of burns require different forms of medical treatment, all of which can be painful and expensive.

Thermal Burns

This type of burn occurs when a person’s skin comes into direct contact with fire or a hot object or substance. Potential sources of thermal burns also include steam, hot liquids, and hot metal. These severe injuries often require long-term care to repair.

Chemical Burns

Certain chemicals can have a destructive effect on human skin and exposed areas. Industrial workers, for example, can be burned by a variety of strong acids and bases. These burns are typically highly disfiguring, and the effects are often permanent without reconstructive surgery.

Electrical Burns

These types of burns occur when the human body is subjected to high voltage electricity. When an electrical current passes through a human body, it can cause severe damage, including dangerous burns.

Regardless of the source, burns may cause devastating injuries and require extensive medical care. Fortunately, an experienced burn injury attorney in Augusta County could help you work toward the recovery you deserve.

Degrees of Severity in Burn Injury Cases

The medical community typically refers to burn injuries by their “degree.” The severity of the burn and the affected areas will determine the level into which the injury falls. This will often dictate the type and level of treatment needed.

  • First Degree Burns: First degree burns are often considered “superficial.” They typically require minimal treatment and result in minor pain, swelling, and redness. Usually, cold water over the area is sufficient to treat a first-degree burn.
  • Second Degree Burns: This type of burn is more serious and may include deep red skin sores and blisters. These injuries require medical attention, including special burn creams, wraps, and more. This type of burn could cause permanent disfigurement.
  • Third & Fourth Degree Burns: Both of these types of burns are extremely serious. They involve multiple layers of skin and may also damage muscles, bones, and nerves. Skin may become discolored, be destroyed, or have a waxy appearance. These types of burns require extensive medical treatment and are extremely painful.
  • If another individual’s negligence was the cause of your burn injuries, you have the right to file a personal injury lawsuit to pursue financial compensation with the help of an Augusta County attorney.

An Augusta County Burn Injury Attorney Can Help

If you suffered a burn injury, you may have the right to significant financial compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. A qualified Augusta County burn injury lawyer could help you pursue the financial damage you need to start putting your life and finances back together. Contact The Warren Firm today for help.