Experienced Car Accident Attorneys Serving Augusta County, VA

Vehicle wrecks can range from minor fender benders to devastating collisions that result in significant property damage and serious injuries for occupants. These accidents, especially when on large interstates like I-81, can leave lasting impacts in the form of financial hardships, physical impairments, and emotional scars.

If you or a loved one were harmed in a wreck caused by another driver, consulting with an Augusta County car accident lawyer could be beneficial. Guidance from an accomplished injury attorney could put you in a better position to recover just compensation for your hardships.

Recovering Damages After an Auto Collision

Motor vehicle accidents can result in a wide variety of injuries, including cuts, bruises, broken bones, paralysis, brain trauma, and internal bleeding. In especially severe cases, wrecks can result in casualties.

While Virginia does not place any caps on the amount of compensation an individual may receive, eligibility to collect an award can be impacted by the plaintiff’s involvement in causing the accident and the application of Virginia’s contributory negligence rule. For example, if an injured party was speeding, texting while driving, or operating his or her vehicle while impaired by drugs or alcohol, in violation of the Code of Virginia Annotated §§ 18.2-266, 46.2-341.20:5, & 46.2-852, he or she will not receive any compensation, no matter how severe his or her injuries.

A dedicated local attorney could investigate the circumstances of the car crash and gather evidence to prove the plaintiff is not responsible for the accident. Compensation can account for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

Do All Car Crash Cases Go to Trial?

Suing responsible parties is one way to obtain damages for injuries sustained in a car accident, but many cases are resolved through settlement negotiations with the opposing party’s insurance carrier. Settling without involving the judicial system is often advisable because it saves time and money.

However, injured persons need to be careful when considering whether to accept a settlement offer. Insurance companies are in business to make money, so they often do not offer fair compensation.

Caution may be necessary even when the claimant seeks restitution from his or her own insurance company. Injured parties who have purchased no-fault liability coverage have the option to forego filing a claim against other drivers and seek redress from their policy, under Va. Code § 38.2-2201. Exercising this policy provision limits the amount an individual may receive (based on the level of personal injury protection purchased) and excludes payment for pain and suffering. So, while this path may simplify the process, an injured party may not receive full compensation for the harm suffered.

Due to this, it is highly advisable for people involved in motor vehicle wrecks to speak with an experienced litigator before agreeing to a settlement offer. Augusta County attorneys with experience handling car accident cases could represent the injured party’s best interest in settlement negotiations, and if necessary, in court.

Seek the Guidance of a Seasoned Augusta County Car Accident Lawyer

The process of securing compensation for injuries suffered in an auto wreck is not always as straightforward as it appears. With the help of an Augusta County car accident lawyer, you could rest easy knowing that a professional is managing your case. Time is of the essence, as you have a limited time in which you can file a claim. Call our office today to get started on your case.