All motor vehicles have blind spots that may be dangerous, but large trucks have significantly greater blind spot areas than others. When an individual or other vehicle is in a truck’s blind spot, serious accidents could happen, leading to extensive injuries.

Truckers do not always exercise caution when changing lanes or turning. Unfortunately, there are many blind-spot truck accidents in Augusta County that occur on Interstate 81 and Interstate 64. If you sustained a severe collision with a tractor-trailer, an attorney experienced in blind-spot truck accidents could fight for your legal rights. Schedule a free consultation today with The Warren Firm.

Where are a Truck’s Blind Spots?

Large trucks are long and tall, so more areas represent blind spots, or no-zones, than other vehicles. Therefore, truckers must constantly check to make sure there are no people, vehicles, or other objects around the vehicles.

Drivers should know where a truck’s blind spots are located so they can try to avoid the areas while on the road. For semis, blind spots are typically found in the following areas:

  • Behind the truck or trailer
  • The front of the cab
  • Below the driver side window
  • The right side of the truck’s cab
  • The back right end of the trailer

Although it is critical for others to know a truck’s blind spot areas, the trucker must also drive safely and reasonably.

Filing a Lawsuit after a Blind-Spot Truck Accident

Truck accident lawsuits can be complex in Augusta County, but blind-spot truck accidents can pose additional challenges. Often, aggressive insurance companies are brought in after a truck wreck—these insurance companies are incentivized to pay out as little compensation as possible to injured drivers.

Insurance companies may also try to convince you that you do not need an attorney or try to stall an offer until after the statute of limitations is passed. Under Virginia Code § 8.01-243, you must file your claim with the court within two years of the accident. A dedicated local lawyer could handle all aspects of your accident claim.

What if an Injured Driver Contributes to a Blind-Spot Truck Accident?

If a trucker fails to check all blind spots before turning, changing lanes, or making another type of maneuver, he or she may be responsible for the accident and any damages resulting therefrom. However, the trucker may not always be the only party responsible.

The state follows the pure contributory negligence law, which means that when an injured driver is found to be responsible for an accident in any amount, he or she might be legally barred from recovering compensation for the damages sustained in the accident. An attorney could investigate your case to determine who is responsible and help you avoid losing the compensation you are entitled to.

Contact an Attorney Familiar with Blind-Spot Truck Accidents in Augusta County

When a truck accident happened because of a truck driver’s failure to see another vehicle in his or her blind spot, the damage can be significant. If you were involved in a blind-spot truck accident in Augusta County, you should act quickly to collect the necessary evidence early on in the case.

A well-versed lawyer at The Warren Firm could help fight for fair compensation for the harm a negligent motorist caused. Call today for a case consultation.