Property owners owe their visitors and licensees the right to feel as safe as possible while on their land. Those who fail to do so can subsequently be held liable if you or a loved one falls on their watch.

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When Might Someone Else be Liable for a Fall Accident?

Virginia classifies individuals who arrive on another person’s property as invitees, licensees, or trespassers. Invitees are generally friends, family, and business consumers who enter the property. Property owners owe these individuals a high duty of care on principle, meaning that they must strive to keep the visitors safe from any known or unreasonable damage on the land.

Landowners must apply a similar duty of care to licensees. However, this category covers certain professionals—government employees and repairers, for example—who do not receive an explicit invitation onto a person’s property.

Finally, trespassers are entitled only to measures that preserve their safety when on another person’s property. Property owners do not owe these individuals duty of care but are legally prohibited from taking harmful actions against trespassers.

Bringing a Slip, Trip, and Fall Claim to a Harrisonburg Court

Individuals in Harrisonburg who believe they have the legal standing to bring a slip and fall accident to court may do so with the help of a practiced attorney. A seasoned representative could help the injured party create a complaint. Here, the injured party can identify his or her purpose for being on another person’s property, the conditions that contributed to his or her losses, and create a perceived compensation.

Injured parties have only two years to bring a fall accident case to Virginia courts. Courts will not consider claims filed after this deadline, no matter what body of evidence the injured party brings forward.

Calculating Potential Compensation in a Slip and Fall Case

A person’s compensation after a slip and fall accident varies depending on the severity of the accident in question. For instance, individuals who suffer from physical losses can pursue compensation for his or her medical expenses. Additionally, individuals who suffer injuries severe enough to lose out on opportunities to work may also file for compensation reimbursement.

Parties injured in a slipping accident may also pursue what is referred to as non-economic compensation. These damages cover subjective losses, such as psychological harm, pain and suffering, and loss of consortium. Regardless of the losses you are facing from a slip, trip, or fall, a compassionate lawyer in Harrisonburg could fight on your behalf for financial recovery to help you move forward.

Let a Harrisonburg Slip and Fall Attorney Fight for You

Contending the legal complexities of a slip and fall accident might feel more overwhelming than the accident itself. Still, a Harrisonburg slip and fall lawyer could relieve you of some of the stress while you heal. Whether you are in the early stages of your recovery or closing in on your filing deadline, a member of The Warren Firm could draft your complaint and protect your interests.

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