Personal injuries are demanding enough to deal with, but a child’s injury can bring even more emotional and financial challenges. If another party’s negligence was the cause of that injury, you might not know where to start in holding him or her accountable. Fortunately, a capable injury attorney may be able to help.

A Harrisonburg child injury lawyer can explain your child’s rights, as well as the rights you have as a parent in an injury case. A member of The Warren Firm can also help you begin filing for financial recovery and hold the negligent party responsible. Schedule your consultation with our team today to discuss your circumstances.

What Do Child Injury Cases Involve?

Child injury cases resemble standard personal injury cases in many ways. For instance, Virginia applies the same statute of limitations to complaints addressing adult and child injuries. According to Code of Virginia § 8.01-243, injured parties have two years to bring their concerns to court. Because children are so vulnerable to harm, though, these cases often address severe injury or even neglect on the part of a party that had a duty to keep children safe.

Child injury cases may involve the deliberate mistreatment of the child in question and any unintentional neglect. As the injured child’s parent, you can work with an experienced attorney in Harrisonburg to establish the force that had the most significant impact on the child’s accident. Under the right circumstances, you may even argue that both deliberate neglect and mistreatment contributed to your child’s harm.

Who Can Represent Injured Children in Court?

Minors do not have the means to represent themselves in court should they wish to carry a case forward. With that in mind, parents often act as the child’s representative, pursuing legal action on his or her behalf. In this case, the parent would file the complaint and act as the child’s primary point of reference should the case make its way into court.

Notably, children who turn 18 within the statute of limitations period, or while legal proceedings in Harrisonburg are underway, may also work with a lawyer and pursue their injury claim.

Involving Children in Legal Complaints

Children who suffer from unnecessary injuries are just as entitled to compensation as adults. Although a minor may not submit a recognizable legal complaint to Harrisonburg courts, that child’s representatives can still involve him or her in the complaint-writing process.

The minor may report how he or she endured the injury. Similarly, injured minors can help the legal counsel and other third-party professionals establish case liability.

Discuss You Circumstances with a Harrisonburg Child Injury Attorney

Children do not always understand the circumstances that might lead to their injuries. Regardless, if your child was injured, you both deserve to fight for financial recovery and hold the party responsible for the injuries.

Contact a Harrisonburg child injury lawyer for assistance in your legal battle. You and a member of The Warren Firm team can discuss the circumstances that led to the child’s injury and determine what Virginia statutes may help you fight for reimbursement based on your losses.