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People who work in industrial environments are at an especially high risk of sustaining immediate injuries or long-term health damage from the hazardous materials they work with. However, accidental exposure to toxic substances can happen under various circumstances and result in differing degrees of harm.

Retaining an experienced Charlottesville toxic exposure lawyer could make a massive difference in your prospects of securing a favorable case outcome. Whether you pursue restitution through a workers’ compensation claim, settlement negotiations with an insurance provider, a civil court claim, or a combination of several options, a knowledgeable injury attorney’s guidance may be key to doing so effectively and efficiently. Call our office today to explain your circumstances.

Causes and Effects of Toxic Exposure Accidents

Toxic exposure accidents are particularly dangerous because of how long it can take for people nearby to realize an accident has occurred. A chemical spill that allows toxic vapors to enter a building’s ventilation system could cause harm to dozens of people inside before anyone identifies that something is wrong. Additionally, even momentary exposure to toxic substances could result in lasting harm.

Depending on the substance, victims of toxic chemical exposure may sustain life-altering injuries, including:

  • High-degree burns
  • Traumatic brain damage from lack of oxygen
  • Severe organ damage
  • Lung cancer
  • Kidney failure
  • Increased risk of heart attack and stroke

The first priority for anyone who suspects he or she has been exposed to any toxic material should be to seek immediate medical attention. Notably, expenses for this toxic exposure care could be factored into ensuing civil recovery efforts in a Charlottesville claim, especially if you pursue your case with a skilled lawyer.

Options for Recovering Financial Compensation

Individuals who sustain acute or chronic harm due to exposure to toxic substances at work usually have grounds to pursue a claim under their employer’s workers’ compensation policy, even if they no longer work for the same company or at the site where the accident occurred.

There is no requirement to establish that anyone was responsible for this kind of incident based on negligence. However, as a tradeoff, available damages through claims like this are generally limited to reasonable medical expenses, a percentage of lost short-term wages, and benefits for long-term disability.

Conversely, if you sustained harm as a direct result of negligence by someone other than your employer, you could pursue compensation for all economic and non-economic consequences of your injuries through a third-party lawsuit. With assistance from a seasoned attorney in Charlottesville, it may be possible to pursue compensation through both an employee claim and a separate toxic exposure claim, at the same time and for the same incident.

A Charlottesville Toxic Exposure Attorney is Ready to Speak with You

Modern society depends on a variety of substances that, if not handled correctly, can cause devastating harm to those exposed. If another person’s misconduct led to your injuries, his or her negligence could allow you restitution for every form of harm you experience as a result.

A Charlottesville toxic exposure lawyer could explain your available options during a private meeting. Consider calling a caring member of The Warren Firm team today.