Charlottesville Aviation Accident Lawyer

Thanks to decades of engineering advancements and strictly enforced safety regulations, airplanes remain a safe way to travel. However, there are unfortunately still many opportunities for negligence by a pilot, airline, or ground crew member to cause an accident that leads to passengers—and sometimes even people on the ground—sustaining serious injuries.

If you were hurt while flying due to someone else’s reckless or careless misconduct, a Charlottesville aviation accident lawyer might be able to help. An experienced injury attorney familiar with airplane crash claims can be crucial to have on your side while you fight for compensation. Reach out to The Warren Firm today to schedule a consultation regarding your case.

How Negligence Can Lead to an Aviation Accident

While large commercial airliners are incredibly safe to the point that large-scale crashes and collisions are rarely heard of in the United States, personal aircraft and private planes have a much higher risk of causing injury through accidents. This is especially true if they are negligently operated or maintained. Beyond just pilot error, other causes of aviation accidents that could give rise to civil litigation include:

  • Failure to perform necessary safety checks and tests before takeoff
  • In-flight equipment malfunction
  • Inadequate maintenance between flights
  • Mistakes by air traffic controllers
  • Failure by pilots or cabin crew to notify passengers of upcoming turbulence

Any time a person fails to meet a duty he or she owed someone else to act reasonably under certain circumstances, that individual could bear civil liability for all injuries stemming from an ensuing accident. A seasoned attorney in Charlottesville could provide crucial help identifying who might be to blame for a specific aviation incident and taking the appropriate legal action against him or her.

Seeking Comprehensive Recovery for Injuries and Losses

In addition to objective financial harm like medical bills, lost wages, and additional travel expenses, airplane accident victims may also have grounds to recover for non-economic damages as well. Common non-economic damages could include recovery for physical pain, psychological trauma, and lost enjoyment of life. If an airplane accident has fatal consequences, a decedent’s surviving family members could also pursue restitution for ensuing losses through a wrongful death claim.

Notably, however, Virginia adheres to a strict “pure contributory negligence” system that bars any personal injury plaintiff found partially responsible for his or her injuries from recovering any compensation at all. The plaintiff may also be ineligible for recovery even if negligence by an airplane pilot, airline, or another third party was still primarily to blame for his or her damages.

A lawyer in Charlottesville could play a key role in maximizing available compensation and in fighting on your behalf any allegations of contributory fault in your airplane accident.

Speak with a Charlottesville Aviation Accident Attorney Today

Understanding and enforcing your legal rights after an airplane accident can be a uniquely complex ordeal, especially if you have no prior experience with civil courts or settlement negotiations. Without support from a legal professional who has handled similar claims in the past, you could have very little chance of effectively demanding the restitution you need.

A knowledgeable Charlottesville aviation accident lawyer could be a steadfast and essential ally at every stage of your case. Call The Warren Firm today for a private consultation with an understanding advocate.