Limb amputations leave the individual who sustained them physically and mentally traumatized. Injured individuals often suffer psychological problems, such as post-traumatic stress disorder, for years to come in addition to physical harm.

The accidents that lead to these injuries can bring complete devastation, so it is crucial to fight for recovery with an experienced catastrophic injury attorney on your side. A compassionate and seasoned Charlottesville amputation lawyer could advocate on your behalf through negotiations and help you hold the negligent parties accountable.

Accidents That Cause Traumatic Amputation

In some instances, an accident may not initially cause a limb amputation, but medical professionals still must remove the limb because of the extensive damage to the body part. Regardless of the way the limb was amputated, the serious injury will have lifetime repercussions.

Even under the best circumstances, the patient will have a long and challenging road to recovery that will entail extensive physical and psychological therapy. Some accidents that could cause a traumatic amputation include:

If you sustained an amputation injury in any of these severe accidents, consulting a Charlottesville attorney should be a priority so you can start preparing a claim for damages right away.

Complete and Partial Amputation

There are two categories of amputations that exist: complete and partial amputations.

Complete Amputation

A complete amputation occurs when a limb severs entirely from the body. In some circumstances, a medical professional can reattach the limb. In others, medical professionals can help an individual attend care to the residual limb and provide him or her with options moving forward.

Partial Amputation

Conversely, a partial amputation refers to a severe injury to the limb. However, in these instances, there are soft tissues left that connect the limb to the body. While there is soft tissue remaining, these injuries are still severe. Partial amputations may result in a complete medical amputation, as the injury can be difficult to reattach the limb to the body.

Time Limit in Charlottesville for Filing Legal Action

The statute of limitations for filing an injury claim is two years from the accident date under Code of Virginia § 8.01-243. You and your loved ones must file the lawsuit with the civil court in Virginia within the time limits to avoid delays or issues in collecting damages for the injuries. An amputation lawyer in Charlottesville has vast experience with these types of injury cases and could help ensure you file all petitions well within the allowable time.

Meet With a Charlottesville Amputation Attorney Right Away

Losing a limb in an accident that causes a traumatic amputation is one of the most severe and tragic injuries a person can go through. Whatever the circumstances following your accident, the physical and psychological effects of the amputation are life-altering. Not only are you dealing with the extreme changes to your quality of life, but you are also dealing with the mental impact that the injury brings.

If another party’s carelessness caused your severe injury, reach out to an experienced Charlottesville amputation lawyer immediately to start working on your case. Skilled and compassionate representation at The Warren Firm could help you through all legal complexities so you do not have to face this alone.