The decision of whether to settle an auto wreck case or go to trial belongs to the injured party. An attorney can help you assess the risk of taking a case to trial and the pros and cons of settling your case. There are many benefits of settling a Charlottesville car accident case, but to find out what is best in your situation, you should consult with an attorney who is experienced in handling these types of cases. It is essential that you consider every aspect of a settlement before signing anything or accepting one.

First Steps in Analyzing a Settlement

The injured party must decide if the settlement offer is enough for their losses and damages. Rejecting a settlement comes with some risk. After rejecting a settlement offer, the case must go to trial. At trial, there is still a chance that the plaintiff may lose the case entirely. Even if the verdict is in favor of the plaintiff, there is no guarantee that the compensation awarded by the jury will be any more than the settlement value.

A jury doesn’t know what’s been offered to the injured party when they go to trial and they may award significantly less than the settlement. Another factor to consider at the beginning of the settlement process is the cost of taking a case to court. There are court fees and potentially there will be expenses for research, expert witnesses, or even just making copies of key paperwork.

An experienced local attorney could explain the options and the risk of going forward. Depending on where liability lays in the case, how severe the injuries were, and the long-term impact of the accident, there may be more incentive to take the case to trial. Regardless of the facts of the situation, it is essential that a victim discuss their case with dedicated legal counsel and consider their professional opinion.

Reasons to Refuse a Settlement

The main reason to refuse a settlement offer and take a case to trial is because the offer is not enough. Unfortunately, the reality is that a personal injury case of Charlottesville car accident case is about fairly and completely compensating the injured party for their injuries. The only exception is if the plaintiff is seeking punitive damages and they are available. If the case is simply seeking compensatory damages, there is a greater reason to accept a settlement if it is fair.

How an Attorney Could Help When Considering a Settlement

An experienced Charlottesville car accident attorney could help you weigh the drawbacks and the benefits of settling a Charlottesville car accident case. By working with the experienced attorneys at the Warren Law Firm, you may be better able to get the compensation and damages that you deserve. You may be eligible to receive money for your losses including medical bills, damaged property, pain, and suffering.

An experienced personal injury attorney sees what cases or what jury verdicts have happened in similar cases, and apply that experience to help you develop the best strategy for your case and injury. If you are considering a settlement after your car crash injury, it is essential that you discuss your situation with an attorney. Call right away to get started.