Winter Conditions Contributes to an Increase in Tractor Trailer Accidents

Deadly Tractor-Trailer Accident on I-64

Tractor-Trailer Crashes into Chesapeake Bay

Car Collides with Tractor-Trailer in Virginia, killing two

Tractor-Trailer Accident Delays Traffic on I-81

Route 220 Closed in Botetourt County after Tractor-Trailer Accident

These are just a few of the media headlines lately involving tractor-trailer accidents in Virginia. In the North, and especially in Virginia, winter time is often beautiful and scenic. But with winter time, we also get winter weather (snow, sleet and ice) which unfortunately contributes to an increase in tractor-trailer accidents and more reports like those noted above.

According to Virginia State Department of Motor Vehicles in December 2013 there were 10,960 crashes with 63 of the crashes fatal. Of these 10,960 crashes, 4,623 invoived a commercial vehicle (tractor-trailer). 32 of these crashes were attributed to sleet and 144 were attibuted to snow.

While some accidents may be unavoidable, there are many ways to drive defensively around tractor-trailers in winter weather. In the winter months especially, slow down. A snowy or iced covered road can make it more difficult for your vehicle to stop and extremely difficult for a tractor-trailer to stop. Because of the size of these trucks and winter conditions, it is absolutely important to use caution when driving near or around these trucks on the road. One of the most important tip to prevent an accident with a tractor-trailer is to realize and understand the danger (what could happen). Also, stay visible. Tractor-trailers have large “blind spots” with limited visibility. Try to stay in the truck’s visibility. A rule of thumb, “if you can’t see the driver or his/her mirros, chances are that the driver is unable to see you.”

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