The University of Virginia Medical Center and Charlottesville Personal Injury Cases

The University of Virginia Medical Center takes patients from all over Charlottesville, Albemarle, Augusta, Louisa, Greene and other nearby counties. UVA is a federal funded institution. Typically high trauma patients are taken to UVA rather than Martha Jefferson Hospital, as UVA is more equipped to deal with the more difficult or intensive trauma care situations.

It is important to remember that it is critical to report any health insurance coverage to hospital billing if you are able. While you may be thinking, “why should my health insurance pay for medical bills that are the fault of someone else?” if you do not report your health insurance information, your bills will not be paid. When an insurance company settles your case, they will only do so after you have completed your medical treatment. By that time, all of your bills will be with collections agencies and you may be faced with severe consequences and liens. UVA can and will pursue collection efforts against you, which will affect your credit. Even if your bills are paid, you will still be able to include them in your claim in order to resolve your personal injury case.

On the other hand, if you do not have health insurance it is recommended that you go through the financial screening process. While this will eliminate collection efforts if you are approved, should you make a successful recovery for your personal injury claim you will be responsible for repaying UVA for the full amount of medical bills.

UVA has several different billing departments for the services they provide. There is a separate bill for hospital services, doctor’s services, imaging, physical therapy at UVA HealthSouth and UVA Continuum Home Health. All of these bills will have to be requested individually by your personal injury attorney.