Nursing Home Abuse Case Ends with $1.75 Million Verdict Secured for Plaintiff

The Warren Firm, PLLC is renowned throughout Virginia for taking on high-stakes, complex, and sensitive injury claims. We recently had the opportunity to represent a patient of a nursing home who had been neglected and abused by the staff. We are proud to be able to say the case concluded with a $1.75 million jury verdict for our client.

Details of the Nursing Home Abuse Case

Our client could not speak and could only communicate loosely through other means. She was staying at a nursing home for “complete care”, which means she had to rely entirely on nursing home staff for daily care.

During one morning, our client was sexually assaulted by a staff member while staying in the facility. A certified nursing assistant (CNA) witnessed the sexual assault but did nothing to stop it. She did not even report it immediately to her supervisors, who were also reluctant to tell the authorities about the crime. When emergency medical service technicians finally brought to the facility, our client was largely unresponsive and required hospitalization for forensic examination. The assailant admitted to the crime and was convicted of rape one year later.

Despite the overwhelming circumstances of neglect and abuse, the nursing home did not offer a reasonable settlement amount to our client. A jury trial was demanded to ensure justice for our client and her family. After five trial days, the jury reached a verdict of $1.75 million against the nursing home for negligence and sexual battery.