Martha Jefferson Hospital & Charlottesville Personal Injury Cases

Martha Jefferson Hospital is a public for-profit hospital. Its new location is 500 Martha Jefferson Drive in Charlottesville, Virginia. The new hospital is just off of interstate 64 at exit 118 on Pantops. At this time, Martha Jefferson is not equipped to deal with high trauma situations and will usually transport serious cases to UVA. The MJH emergency room usually has a quicker turn around however for less life-threatening situations.

Martha Jefferson Hospital was named after the wife of Thomas Jefferson, Martha Jefferson. The new facility was finished in 2010.

If you have been transported to MJH then chances are that you are not suffering from a life-threatening injury. That does not mean that you are not injured. You may be suffering from something that requires surgery and MJH is capable of dealing with some of those procedures. While at MJH it is important that you provide all health insurance information. Reporting health insurance information is important to make sure that bills are paid, even if the accident was no fault of your own. Settlement of your case will only be done after you have completed your medical treatment. If you have not provided insurance information up until that point, your bills will be with collections agencies. This could mean that you may be faced with liens and other severe consequences. Bills paid for by your insurance company will still be able to be included in your personal injury case.

There is also the option of setting up a payment plan to pay your bill. It is important to note that MJH has separate billing departments for hospital charges, emergency doctor’s billings and radiology charges so you will have to set up different payment plans for each bill. Your attorney will request these bills individually for settlement of your case.