Home and Family News – June 2010

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This month features articles on:

The Jury Selection Process:  Have you ever been called for jury duty?  If not, you may be uncomfortable about the process.  Vaden Warren wants you to feel comfortable and informed as to what goes on in the courtroom concerning jury selection before a trial.  If you want to know what to expect when called for jury duty, read this article!

NEW VA General Assembly Bill:  The Virginia General Assembly recently passed a non-partisan bill, signed into law by Governer McDonnell.  The bill requires that attorneys be provided with a list of potential jurors at least 5 business days before a trial.  48 hours was the previously required condition.

Where are all of the Virginia Judges?:  Have you ever wondered why civil cases take such a long time to go to court?  Under the US Constitution, criminal matters are entitled to a “speedy trial” and therefore, civil cases are often “bumped” to make room for a criminal trial.  With the onset of the state budget crunch, Virginia has elected to not replace judges that have retired by choice or are forced to retire due to age.  Less judges handling the same caseload results in even longer wait times for civil matters.