Fractured Femur? What to Expect in your Charlottesville Personal Injury Case

The femur is one of the largest and strongest bones in the body. It is commonly referred to as the thighbone and it extends from your hip down to your knee. It takes a very strong force for a femur to fracture. There are three main types of femur fractures. These include the proximal femur fracture, the femoral shaft fracture, and the supracondylar femur fracture. The Femoral shaft fracture generally occurs during a high-speed car accident or from a high fall. Treatment for this type of injury almost always calls for an operation. Usually the surgery requires a metal rod to be inserted down the center of the thighbone. This rod is then connected and secured with screws that are placed above and below the fracture.

The rod typically stays in the patient unless pain or other medical problems arise. Occasionally a femur fracture will be treated with a plate and screws instead of a rod down the center of the thighbone. This method is less common but may be used if the rod would not work on the patient. Typical healing time is 3 to 6 months and it often takes a year for the person to regain all of their strength and abilities after the injury. After surgery, time using a wheelchair followed by crutches is common. Often time, after the crutches are used, a cane would be used for a number months.

Since this bone is so strong, if it is the result of a car accident, it is usually a very bad collision. It also results in our client missing significant time from work and having a permanent disability rating. We have been successful in representing people with broken femurs. Often times, one of the limitations is that the defendant I represent does not have enough insurance. Since the medical bills and lost wages can reach an excess of $100,000, settlement and jury verdicts for this type of injury are significant. For cases involving a broken femur, with enough insurance proceeds available, we do not recommend attempting to settle these cases unless they have been approved for trial.