Food Poisoning Can Be Deadly: Information For Your Charlottesville Foodborne Illness Case

Over the past year, The Warren Firm has helped a firm in Texas with approvals of settlements involving food poisoning or foodborne illnesses. The most common types of food contaminations come from E-coli and salmonella. Often, the contaminated food affects many people; as the products are distributed there is an “outbreak”. The CDC, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, responds to the outbreak and determines what food those exhibiting symptoms all have ingested. They are often able to determine exactly what product caused the illness and pull the products from store shelves and restaurant kitchens. In E-coli cases, the particular strand that causes illness can be linked to a particular product. E-coli can cause the kidneys to shut down. If caught in time, a recovery is possible, but may call for the affected person to have dialysis until the kidneys can recovery.

The two cases that we recently assisted with involve children. Fortunately, both children recovered from their illnesses. They were also able to make a significant recovery for their damages from the company that distributed the tainted product. While the Warren Firm assisted in these cases, the firm we worked with from Texas was very well versed in handling these cases.