Easily Capture the Details of Your Virginia Car Accident

Picture this – you have just been in a car accident. You are shaken up, and the details of what happened are fuzzy. You are certain it was not your fault, but the other driver is yelling at you, your kids are in the back of the car, crying, and there is visible property damage to your brand new SUV. You remember your driver’s education instructor telling you to “make sure to document the facts of the accident at the scene,” but you do not have a pen or paper, and the camera on your cell phone quit working the day before.

Situations like this unfortunately occur every day in Virginia. When you are shaken and upset, it is easy to leave the scene of an auto accident without the information you need in order to make a full recovery from the incident. Fortunately, Buttoned Up, a company specializing in organization, has created the Buttoned Up Collision.kit to ensure that you have “everything you need to accurately capture the details surrounding any car accident.”

The kit includes pre-printed cards to gather important information from the involved parties, ensuring you will not leave out any pertinent details. It also includes a pen, a clipboard, and most importantly, a disposable flash camera to document the incident in pictures. The kit can be conveniently placed in your glove compartment should need for it arise.

If you are seriously injured in a car accident in Virginia, having the information of the parties involved and pictures of the accident scene will positively influence the outcome of your case should you decide to hire a VA injury attorney to represent you. As an attorney who handles Virginia car accident cases on a daily basis, I strongly urge you to consider purchasing or putting together your own collision kit.