Common Interstate 64 and 81 Tractor Trailer Accidents: Jackknifing Accidents

How the accident occurs: Jackknifing occurs when the trailer of a tractor trailer swings out to rest at a 90-degree angle from the cab. The trailer often hits other vehicles and people when this occurs. This type of accident is usually the result of a sudden braking. However, it can also take place if a tractor trailer enters a curve too quickly, during downshifting, or if there is acceleration on a surface with very little friction.

How To Avoid This Accident:

Use caution, especially in inclement weather. Rain, snow, and ice could cause a tractor trailer to lose traction and slide more than is intended. Do not drive closely to a tractor trailer in these types of weather conditions.

Be attentive. Stay alert and aware of what the tractor trailers near you are doing. Remember that they often have to brake and swerve rather than just braking to avoid collisions, as their stopping time is slow.

Who Is At Fault?

In order to recover money for injuries sustained in a jackknifing accident from a driver, you must prove the negligence of the truck driver. However, truck drivers have a special allowance made for jackknifing accidents that occur as the result of braking suddenly to avoid hitting a stopped car or a pedestrian that ran in front of them. In order to make a recovery for injuries in these cases, it may be necessary to consider the negligence of the trucking company or another responsible party. For more information about other common types of tractor trailer accidents click here.