Common Charlottesville Motorcycle Accidents: Motorcycle to Motorcycle Accidents

How this accident occurs: This type of accident often occurs when a group of motorcyclists ride together. A temporary lapse in attention from one driver leads to a pack of wounded drivers.

How to avoid it:

Be attentive. The best way to avoid this accident is to remain attentive at all times. Concentrate on the road and the movements of other drivers.

Stagger out. When driving in a group, it is important to use this technique to allow more stopping time if something were to happen.

Slow down. Stopping is faster the slower you are moving.

Who is at fault: The motorcyclist that hit first is most likely at fault in accidents such as these, although it may be difficult to prove depending on the size of the group. A jury or a judge will make the ultimate determination of who was at fault and whether there was any contributory negligence.