Common Charlottesville Auto Accidents: Sideswipe Collisions

How this accident occurs: These accidents typically occur when the sides of two parallel cars touch and “swipe” each other. This can cause serious injury to the driver as well as the vehicle depending on the velocity of the cars as well as the direction they are traveling.

How to avoid this accident:

Be attentive. Stay alert and aware of the cars on either side of you. Do not text and drive as this can cause you to drive into the adjacent lane.

Slow down, especially around curves. Sideswipe collisions can occur easily when drivers are speeding around curves. Slow down before going into the curve to be safe.

Who is at fault:

The driver who inched into the adjacent lane is most likely to be held responsible in a sideswipe collision. However, sometimes it is hard to determine exactly who caused the accident. Ultimate determinations as to who was at fault are decided by a jury or a judge.