Client Struck at Four-Way Intersection, $100K Settlement Secured

The Warren Firm, PLLC and our Charlottesville personal injury attorneys have recently secured a $100,000 settlement for a client injured in a car accident that was not her fault. The insurance providers were more than hesitant to pay out her fair damages. After many negotiations and reviews of the evidence at hand, we are happy to be able to say this case has concluded in her favor.

Our client was driving to work one afternoon in Spotsylvania County when she came to a four-way intersection. A green traffic light signaled that she had the right-of-way. Another driver pulled into the intersection and appeared to be yielding to her approaching vehicle, as the rules of the road demanded. Instead, the other driver made a left turn without any regard for our client, crossing into her path, and resulting in a violent collision.

The injuries to our client’s legs were extensive. She suffered a right foot fracture and a right ankle fracture, which has been unable to heal completely. It remains sprained and bruised, causing her significant pain throughout the majority of her day. It is not uncommon for such injuries to cause lingering discomfort, so we are more than pleased to have been able to secure maximum compensation for our client.

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