Civil Discovery in Virginia Publication Includes Chapter by Attorney Warren

Attorney Vaden Warren, Jr. of The Warren Firm, PLLC in Charlottesville has long held the reputation of being a knowledgeable and insightful personal injury attorney. Due to his ability and extensive experience with all aspects of case management, including courtroom litigation, the Virginia Law Foundation selected some of his writings to be published within its 2017 Edition of the Civil Discovery in Virginia CLE handbook. To be selected as an author in this publication is a high honor that only attorneys with unquestionable skill and legal comprehension can achieve, as the handbook will serve as the go-to guide for other lawyers and legal professionals throughout the entire state of Virginia.

Attorney Warren wrote the eighth chapter titled “Physical and Mental Examination of Persons”. As he thoroughly covers and clearly discusses in his writings, civil cases in Virginia may allow for one party to have a mental or physical examination conducted on the opposing party, but only under certain circumstances. Failing to properly utilize the opportunity to perform a medical review of the opposing party could be disastrous in a personal injury claim, especially for a defendant attempting to prove that the plaintiff’s injuries were exaggerated or falsified. A plaintiff attorney must also understand this legal process and provision to stop or challenge unjustified motions for a physical or mental evaluation.

Other chapters within the Civil Discovery in Virginia CLE handbook include:

  • “Planning and Using Discovery”
  • “Scope of Discovery”
  • “Inspection of Documents, Things, and Places”
  • “Discovery of Experts”

Legal professionals who obtain a copy of this handbook and study it back-to-front will be able to learn about the keynote and cornerstone components of civil discovery and lawsuits in Virginia from some of the greatest legal minds today. Once again, it is a significant honor for Attorney Warren to have his work included in the latest edition of this publication. From our team at The Warren Firm, PLLC, we would like to thank everyone who helped make this accolade possible, including the Virginia Law Foundation and our clients who have come to us for legal assistance throughout the years.

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