Charlottesville City Council Will Vote to Require Bike Helmets for Children Under 14

The Daily Progress reports that Charlottesville City Council will vote Monday May 16, 2011 to require children age 14 or younger to wear bicycle helmets while riding a bicycle in the city.  The ordinance will reportedly require helmets for children of the same age riding skateboards, motorized scooters and other “toy vehicles”.  A $25 fine woudl be the punishment for violating the ordinance.  A first time violation would be suspended if the child purchased a helmet between the violation and when the fine would be imposed.

Virginia Law allow does not require people to wear helmets will cycling in the state.  The Virginia Code does allow counties and towns to pass ordinances requiring children age 14 and under to wear helmets, which would explain why the Charlottesville ordinance will only apply to children 14 and under.

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